Monday, July 30, 2007

cue the song 'California' by phantom planet

There are so few things to do in the OC that don’t involve the ocean, the beach, shopping, or Disneyland. However, once a year, every summer, the OC Fair opens. It’s a time of year when Orange County residents rejoice because, apparently, the Fair is the only other thing to do in the OC.

I say this because when Jesse and I went there with my mom, sis, and niece Serena, apparently everyone and their mothers had decided to visit the Fair that same day. But, in true OC fashion, nothing was short of over-the-top. I hadn’t been to the Fair since I was a kid and I vaguely remember it. Honestly, all I remember is seeing the animals. Damn, I don’t even remember the food! So I was a little surprised to see how big the OC Fair was, which had about as many rides as Knott’s Berry Farm and far more food than what Disneyland offers. And yes, there were many, many animals.

This year’s theme is “Cow-abunga” which perfectly combines the OC surf culture with agriculture (yeah, that’s the best explanation I could come up with). The sand sculpture at the Fair’s entrance was pretty spectacular (and unfinished as some sculptors were still working on it).

Here are some cows surfing a huge wave.
cowabunga, dude!

Here is a cow, not surfing.

Here is a baby cow (a calf) that Serena is desperately trying to pet.
must. reach. baby. cow.

There she is!

Here is a piggy with her recently-born baby piggies. So cute!
baby piggies!

Although she actually has her own horse which she rides at least once a week, Serena was insistent on going to the pony ride. Here she is showing off her pony-riding abilities.
serena rides a pony
Her riding skills are pretty good for a two-year-old.

Naturally, I made a Youtube video of her riding the pony. You can hear my mom telling me what to do (aka yelling) in the background.

We were getting tired (except for Serena who had taken a quick power nap after the pony ride) and sat down on these bulls of hay. Here I am riding a bull with Serena.
me and serena ride the bull of hay

After the pig races, we took a quick pic with Serena on my shoulders. Apparently, by the look on her face, I’m not as comfortable to ride as a horse.
me, jesse, and serena

It was a fun, long day at the Fair but I’m really glad I got to spend some time with my niece.


sunchaser said...

That pig is really big! The piglets are cute, but I might be a little afraid of the pig! I guess as long as she was friendly..

I never went to the OC fair.. And never went to Disneyland either. So deprived.. :( kidding ;)

I like that trance remix of "California Dreamin'" by DJ Sammy. Yes, I really need to get some new trance/electronic music for working out..

sunchaser said...

I'm realizing now that I've probably seen that movie "Hannibal" one too many times - visions of the scene where they show the hogs tearing up the stuffed dummy that's supposed to be Hannibal Lechter (I also have a pretty vivid imagination :p)

Anthony Hopkins & Gary Oldman are so great though!

lizzie said...

yeah, he is a big pig. but i saw tons of big pigs at the fair. some were so fat they could barely move. i saw some slimmer looking pigs too though.

you never went to the Fair? or Disneyland? well, you're not missing much with the Fair but Disneyland? i'm shocked! :)

i've never seen hannibal and the scene you describe doesn't make me want to go out and rent it. i can't handle gory films. i barely even watched kill bill despite jesse's insistence that the gory parts looked fake.

we saw that movie on our first date. i still can't believe he made me watch it.