Thursday, July 12, 2007

have you used Plan B?

I know this is a rather unorthodox way to use this blog, but if you have used Plan B since it's gone over-the-counter and you're comfortable talking to someone about this, can you please email me ASAP? My email address is on the right.

Thanks, blog peeps!

P.S. This is for my work, not the blog.


mandy said...

I've used it twice before. But not since it's been over the counter. Are you solely looking for that type of situation. I'd be happy to discuss. Let me know. Thanks!

lizzie said...

mandy--yay! a response! i'm so excited! :)

unfortunately, i need someone who can speak to an experience of purchasing it over the counter.

thank you for responding. and thank you for your willingness to talk about it. :)

Beakerz said...

I'm a health teacher but don't know anyone that has. Sorry I have no direct help but happy to give information.....same that you can find on

good luck to whoever

Anonymous said...

I'll buy it if you'd like. I'm curious myself about it. And it would be good to have on hand I would guess.

I've never had to use it but I helped a friend get a hold of it before it was sold over the counter. She went to planned parenthood at my urging and they told her how hard a time they were having getting the word out about it. --Erika

lizzie said...

beakerz--we were eventually able to find someone and the person was interviewed for an article in the Post on Friday. there are some great resources out there on plan b, not necessarily funded by barr labs thankfully.

erika--actually, pp in DC held a plan b party when plan b went over the counter. that was their way of getting the word out. everyone at my work got an invitation (mind you, we work in sexual health education and were plaintiffs in the lawsuit that brought it OTC) and we all thought, are we really their target audience for this effort?

i feel sometimes that pp is great in theory and sometimes not so great in practice.