Wednesday, July 11, 2007

thank you, metro!

In an uncharacteristic move for me, this post is actually not sarcastic in any way. I wanted to update my blog peeps on the Metrobus driver drama I had a while ago.

Shortly after I blogged about making a complaint, I went to the WMATA website and submitted a complaint online. The form is actually pretty long and WMATA asks you to include as much information about the incident as possible. Hey, when people ask for details, I’m going to give it to them (and on this occasion, I was more than happy to do so). So, I completed the form to the best of my ability. In the free form box, I wrote about the incident and gave as many details as possible, including the driver’s name. The driver’s name is fairly unique and I can’t expect too many other Metrobus drivers to have that name, especially on that particular route. I even gave the time of the incident and the bus route number (which is a morning express route) to narrow down the possibilities. Basically, I tried to idiot-proof this process as much as possible.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call from Ms. J (name will not be posted) to get some more information about the incident. Are you serious? What could I possibly say to make the incident and the driver’s identity more clear? Unfortunately for me, I missed this call and Ms. J left a detailed message on my work v-mail. The following day, I tried my darnedest to call her back, but every time I called the number she gave me, the line was busy. I tried again later in the week and was greeted by the same busy signal.

Honestly, I had given up all hope on Metro until two weeks ago. I noticed something about my usually regular bus route. The bus driver was different. On the first day that I noticed that the inappropriate bus driver wasn’t driving, I figured that he maybe took a day off. On the second day, I noticed a completely different driver than the previous day (a girl) who was also not the inappropriate bus driver. And on the third day, there was an entirely different driver again.

Even this week, there isn’t a regular bus driver on that express route. But the fact is that the inappropriate bus driver is no longer on my route. And frankly, that was all I wanted. I hope that he is now driving a less popular route.

And I really hope that he knows better than to use this route as a dating service.


sunchaser said...

Wow! That's great that not only did someone get back to you, but they actually did something about it!

I guess the squeaky wheel really does get the grease, huh?

Anonymous said...

He's probably just on vacation.

Trust me--when you get to be an old fart like me half (well maybe even more) the stuff you stress about won't matter. Ignore the idiots on the bus. Lighten up and enjoy life. It's very liberating.

lizzie said...

sunchaser--yeah, it's completely surprising and definitely awesome!

anon--that's a hell of a long vacay. damn, if metro gives out long ass vacations like that, i may consider a career change.