Friday, August 24, 2007

friday brain dump: incriminating evidence edition

Last Friday, I allegedly went to the Little Black Dress Party, hosted by local “meh” station HOT 99.5. The alleged intention was to catch a glimpse of Perez Hilton, who equally fascinates and repulses me. I’m fascinated by him because he has somehow become the type of celebrity that he constantly bashes on his site. He repulses me because he can be unnecessarily crude, like when he insinuated that Christie Brinkley’s daughter was too ugly to be a model. However, the guy always seems to get the scoop on what’s going on in Hollywood. And seeing as that I come from a place where the latest celebrity drama would be the leading story on the local news, I can’t help but seek out the latest gossip.

Also, I allegedly went to the party to possibly catch a glimpse of Nicole Richie. I’m having a hard time believing she’s pregnant. The girl was so skinny before her alleged pregnancy! Don’t you need a menstrual cycle to get preggers?

Anyways, I may have allegedly seen Perez, but I definitely didn’t see the Madden Brothers, who were performing an acoustic set (and the reason why I thought that Nicole Richie would be there since one of the Madden brothers allegedly impregnated her).

The pictures below may or may not have been taken at the site of the party.
Yes, I dragged my boyfriend. He handled it well.
jesse and jeff

Here I am being silly with my friend.
tough girls

I can’t believe I just admitted to going to that party. Oh well, at least I had a great time with my friends.

Have a fabulous weekend all!


Madame M. said...

It's all good and I'm sure I would have been there myself if I could stay awake past 9 pm. I refuse to read Perez Hilton on principle, but I love other goss rags way too much.

sunchaser said...

Perez Hilton :p

I think it would be absolutely awful to be a celebrity in this day and age. Thankfully, little chance of that happening for me - unless I ever met up w/a (single) Ewan-type, that is.. ;)