Friday, September 7, 2007

friday brain dump: crack of dawn edition

One last post as the best week ever starts to wind down…

  • I’m heading to New Orleans/Baton Rouge this morning. My flight is at 6 a.m. Why do all of the cheap flights have to be so early in the morning? There’s nothing worse than getting up before the sun rises.
  • Why does ESPN continue to employ Lou Holtz as a college football analyst? Couldn’t they just give Mark May more air time?
  • Jesse’s not letting me bring my USC 2003 Football Champion shirt to Baton Rouge (for those of you who don’t remember, LSU and USC split the championship that year and allegedly LSU is still not happy about it). I was just gonna wear it around town. That’s all.
  • I’m contemplating adding my CNN interview to my resume. What category does that fall under? Pleasant Surprises? Blogger Perks? Media Relations Experience? TV Advocacy Work?
  • Damn you, cheap 6 a.m. flight!
  • Must. Not. Forget. To. Pack. Sunscreen!
  • After all the stress and drama this week, I shouldn’t be surprised that my friends offered their support. But I was. And I felt warm fuzzies! I heart my friends. I really do.
  • Chances are pretty good that I’ll get to go home for my birthday next month. It’s been so long since I’ve been home for my birthday. I’m anxiously awaiting my work trip approval (work trip = free trip to Cali). And I’ll be terribly disappointed if I don’t get it. Going home would be the best birthday present ever. Well, I could think of only one gift that would be better (boo boo, hint-hint).
  • I cancelled therapy this week so I could go to the gym. I ended up having the best work out ever. I’m considering canceling therapy more often so I can lose weight. Ok, maybe not. After all, my shrink might start to miss me.

I’m outties, peeps! Have a fabu weekend! Please wish me good hair days while I try to survive the sauna that is the state of Lousiana.


Madame M. said...

Hey, have a great time in The Big Easy!! And congratulations on your CNN interview... how exciting! Do you know if they replay segments?

Go forth without frizz or ick, and have a great time!

Anonymous said...

As a native New Orleanian let me just say THANK YOU for stopping in New Orleans as well as Baton Rouge. We/they desparately need the tourist dollars. And congrats on the CNN interview. ~ Erika

sunchaser said...

1) "There’s nothing worse than getting up before the sun rises."

Have to agree with you 100% there!

2) Why does ESPN continue to employ Lou Holtz as a college football analyst?

Who knows how the networks make these decisions. I wondered for years why Dick Endberg was chosen to commentate at the USOpen (especially after that idiotic gaff with Kim Clijsters). He hasn't been doing it this year, thankfully they've got Johnnie Mac and Patrick on instead.

8) Yay for trips to SoCal! :)

9) I canceled therapy this week so I could go to the gym. I ended up having the best work out ever.

Haha! There's something really funny about that.

lizzie said...

madame--thanks! i'm sure the show has been repeated but i'm not sure when. i've been looking for a clip of the video online but haven't gotten lucky. oh well.

erika--thanks and no problem with the spending money in N.O. i contributed quite a bit to the economy there this weekend! :)

sunchaser--ugh. it was so hard getting up friday morning.

i like when mcenroe does the commentating on tennis matches. he's got quite the personality.