Monday, September 10, 2007

this makes me really sad

why does skin color continue to be an issue in this country? i just don't get it.


Shell said...

People are afraid because they are ignorant. Take it where it comes from. And seek solace in knowing that the people you both surround yourselves with do not judge you or others based on race/ethnicity. We judge people on how they dress ;) (jk on that last part!)

Anonymous said...

When I saw the headline on DC Blogs I was afraid something bad had happened in Louisiana , my home state. I grew up there and the one thing I hate about it, besides the political conservatism, is the racism. I was so shocked, though, when I moved up here to go to college. I had this image of a color blind utopia; I actually thought the ugliness was limited to the south. ~erika

lizzie said...

shell--i guess i just wish that racism didn't exist. it makes me sad that people will judge two people who have fallen in love just because they don't have the same color. love is colorblind.

i am grateful that my friends/family don't care about that (anymore).

thanks for the last comment. it made me smile.

erika--oh no. LA is fine. and it was quite fun too.

fortunately, i didn't see any of that racism when i was in NO and BR this weekend. ugh, that would've depressed me even more.

sadly, racism and prejudice is prevalent everywhere. it makes me sick. i wish that i could even IMAGINE a color blind utopia. we are so not close to that ideal.