Friday, September 21, 2007

friday brain dump: separation anxiety edition

I dropped Jesse off at the airport today for his weekend trip to Phoenix. I’m feeling physically and emotionally ill right now. But here goes:

  • While at the gym yesterday, I picked up the latest issue of Cosmo to read (I would never actually pay money for an issue). In it, they reported on a poll they did and (among other things) it revealed that 65% of guys have dreamed about their wedding day. Granted, Cosmo is not exactly THE source for trusted relationship research. However, I refuse to believe the majority of guys have dreamed about their wedding day. I’m sure Jesse hasn’t.
  • Also in the same poll, 35% of women don’t always practice safe sex. What? Are you kidding me? Come on, people! Unless you’ve discovered a way to become personally immune to STIs, you can still get infected. And just because someone looks like they don’t have a disease doesn’t mean they really are clean.
  • For the longest time in our relationship, I have always considered Jesse’s XBOX and his XBOX 360 to be the “other women.” I could be naked in front of him, calling him to bed while he’s playing and he’ll still tell me, “Another minute!” But we finally found something me, Jesse and XBOX can do together. The game is called Bioshock (and yes, it’s a single player game) but I just love watching him play it. Bioshock is like a really good science fiction, mystery book you can’t put down. If XBOX is invading your relationship with your man, give Bioshock a try.
  • I miss Jesse so much already.
  • Whenever I’m feeling lonely because Jesse has gone away on a trip, shopping makes me feel better. Just so you know, Banana Republic is having their big Fall sale right now.
  • You all know how much I hate being alone. And I thought I would have to spend the day of my birthday alone while at a conference for work in San Francisco. Then my friend Kattie came to my rescue and will be flying up to SF to keep me company! Words cannot express how grateful I am that she is doing this for me. Luv her!

Kattie and me

I’m outties, peeps. Have a wonderful weekend. This weather is supposed to be nice so if you spend it outdoors, be sure to use sunscreen! If anyone is at Crystal City Sports Pub on Saturday night, come visit me on the third floor. I’ll be watching the Trojans play Wazzu.

Fight on!


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media concepts said...

Yikes, who wants to follow that comment? Anyway, I had two thoughts on your post:
1. Those dreams could be nightmares, no?
2. Please quit pushing that XBox and Bioshock. I really, really don't want to buy a new 360. You're going to make me. The only thing stopping me right now is that many owners have reported that their machines overheat and break down at a ridiculously high rate, and I'm hoping for an assembly line fix soon.

sunchaser said...

Media concepts - haha :)

"I would never actually pay money for an issue" God, that made me laugh too. You are so much like me, it's scary ;)

I read part of the issue (I have way too many magazines ;P), but what piqued my interest was the scary one about women getting attacked in parking lots. So where does that say my brain is now?

Boys and their silly games. I suppose we just have to tolerate it, huh? (well, I confess to having played em myself, but I'm much more mature now. coughcough). Did you ever see the World of Warcraft South Park episode? Sooo funny (and true!)

You're hilarious, just like me! (our mutual admiration society ;)

Great weekend! :)

lizzie said...

joshua--i just don't know what to say to that, to be honest with you.

media concepts--
1. that's true. if jesse did dream about his wedding day, i'm sure it would not be a pleasant dream.

2. you know you're going to give in, especially since halo 3 comes out today. and about that machines malfunctioning...jesse hasn't had a problem with his since he bought it whenever they came out. i'm telling you, bioshock is the shizznit. i actually made jesse play it the other day. even i need my fix.

sunchaser--yes, my disdain for cosmo runs deep. it's just the same issue over and over again. "how to please your man in bed," "how to cook for your man," "how to get your man to propose," etc, etc. ummm...what about a girl's happiness? how about cosmo focus on that?

the message i got from that article on women getting attacked in parking lots is that women are getting attacked everywhere so just stay indoors. ay. silly cosmo.

no, i didn't see the world of warcraft episode but i saw the nintendo wii episode where cartman travels to the future to get a wii from the otter people. jesse and i still bust out laughing over this line: otter person about humans, "I don't understand why they eat on tables when they've got perfectly good bellies to eat from." oh south park...