Monday, October 29, 2007

college football recap: it is what it is edition

Today’s regular blog post is below the recap.

Jesse and I both endured tough losses this weekend. Ugh. This has been a difficult season so far. Here’s the recap:

  • Virginia Tech hosted Boston College this past Thursday at Lane Stadium. Despite the fact that back up QB Sean Glennon started for the injured Tyrod Taylor, Glennon actually played well and seemed to be leading the Hokies on to victory. And then BC QB Matt Ryan led the comeback to end all comebacks and somehow managed to play better in the final 3 minutes than he had the whole game and BC squeaked out a victory. Damn it. Jesse took the loss a little hard, which is understandable. Had the game ended at the 57 minute mark, VT would’ve won.
  • Fortunately for the Hokies, they still have a shot at the ACC title game now that UVa has finally lost a conference game on Saturday. Those Wahoos could only win so many close games. I’m not surprised that NC State ended up exposing them for the frauds that they are. The VT/UVa game should be especially interesting this year.
  • Someone who appeared to be on a Hokie-like collapse was Tennessee, who led the entire game against South Carolina. For some reason, the Vols let the Gamecocks back in the game in the second half and the game was tied at the end of regulation. Fortunately, Tennessee was able to pull off the upset by scoring a field goal in OT and holding S. Carolina scoreless. I enjoy watching the Gamecocks lose mostly because they claim to be the real USC. Funny how most people outside of the South know that USC is the University of Southern California.
  • Speaking of USC, the Trojans found themselves in an unfamiliar position as they were the underdogs against Oregon in a game at Autzen Stadium. Sure, Oregon was ranked higher and proved themselves in a tough loss against Cal, but still—we’re USC. USC has all the talent and apparently none of the chemistry it needs. And the Trojans proved that talent is not enough as they suffered a tough loss against the Ducks. A last minute attempt to tie the game in the waning seconds was thwarted by the Ducks as they picked off a pass by Mark Sanchez.
  • As starting QB John David Booty’s broken finger is sure to heal by the Oregon State game this coming Saturday, this is sure to start a debate. Who starts now? Mark Sanchez, the risk taker, the jump starter, the guy who throws interceptions at the worst possible time? Or John David Booty, the guy with experience who plays worse now than he did last year (and he was good last year)? Eh. It’s a toss up at this point. However, since this season is pretty much a wash, we might as well give Sanchez the playing time he needs to get him ready for next year.
  • Cal continued their incredibly unexpected fall from the top 25 as they lost to the surprisingly undefeated Arizona State. Wasn’t Cal #2 in the country like two weeks ago? What happened? Their play against the Sun Devils was very uninspired and QB Nate Longshore seemed off. Or maybe ASU is just that good. We’ll see soon enough, as they visit Oregon next week.

Up next for VA Tech is Georgia Tech, a game that Jesse and I will be watching on a plane ride to California on Thursday night. Jesse and I will be at USC’s Homecoming Game against Oregon State.

This whole pneumonia thing is no joke. I’m still feeling less than 100% and occasionally experience some shortness of breath (usually after a coughing fit). I saw my doctor last Thursday and she put the fear of God in me. She scolded me for not taking care of myself and reminded me that people die from pneumonia (I’m sure they do in 3rd world countries, but apparently people die of pneumonia in the U.S. too). So she put the kibosh on all of my outside-the-home activities for the next week—including work.

Which meant I had to cancel my East Coast birthday celebration on Friday. I had previously told myself that I would need to be on my death bed before I missed that party. Apparently, if I don’t take care of myself, that could be arranged.

I honestly do not have the patience to be sick, but I appreciate the break from work. My doctor warned me that if I don’t rest and take care of myself, the pneumonia would just keep coming back and coming back. I need to put a stop to this now.

I’ve never had pneumonia before. Being aware of every single breath I take is frightening. Feeling like there isn’t enough oxygen in the world for you is much scarier than you can imagine.

Needless to say, I don’t want to keep fighting this thing. I’m taking it easy starting today.

And on that note, I’m going back to bed.


Anonymous said...

Please do be careful and take your doctor's words to heart. And get a flu shot if you haven't already (check with your dr first though to make sure you can right now) informertial now over. ~erika

Madame M. said...

...and much finger-wagging ensued.

Ditto to above. Be careful.