Thursday, October 25, 2007

my very cali birthday

My trip to California started with a stop in San Francisco. I had a great view from my hotel.

Here's a plane landing. It looks like it's landing on water.
a plane landing at SFO

Here's another view.
the marsh along the bayshore

On Friday, I flew down to LA and spent the rest of my trip in the OC. My Saturday was spent babysitting my niece and watching college football.

I managed to do both in this picture.
serena coloring
That's the USC/Notre Dame game on TV. I taught Serena how to say, "Boo Irish!"

Speaking of USC, what was initially a joke turned out to be the real thing. My family threw me a very Trojan party.
my very USC birthday party

This is the cake my sister made. Yes, she decorated it herself.
my very USC birthday cake

I started to feel like an 8 year old, what with all of the decorations and all. So, after dinner came the obligatory present opening. Here are some highlights.
A scarf from Aditi.
A necklace Lisa made for me.
A Coach make up bag from Aurelio. again
And Jesse didn't make it out to California for me so he Fed Exed one of his gifts in time for my party...
jesse's present
Which was appropriately a USC visor and t-shirt, perfect for the Homecoming Game we're going to in two weeks.
me and jesse's gifts

Finally, my friends started making their ways home.
me and aditi
the dancing diva strikes again

It was a great birthday. Can't wait for my DC birthday party tomorrow!

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