Monday, October 15, 2007

college football recap: "this is why I don’t make predictions" edition

Too much football, too little time. Sorry, non sports fans, but I may not have time to post a regular blog post today. Blame it on all of the upsets!

  • Let’s start off with the most important loss of the day, LSU’s. It took 3 overtimes, but #17 Kentucky was able to pull off what most people outside of Louisiana were hoping for—an upset. Even before the season began, LSU’s coach, Les Miles has been talking about how LSU deserved to be #1 because it was the best team in college football, how LSU’s schedule was much tougher than USC’s and how it wasn’t fair that USC was on top. Well, LSU was on top for 2 weeks before getting knocked out. For a night, I was a Kentucky fan and I was one of many in the sports bar who cheered them the Wildcats on to victory. I do feel bad for the Tiger fans, but maybe they should tell their cocky coach to keep his mouth shut.
  • Oddly enough, I felt really bad for Cal who got beaten by the Pac-10 giant killers, Oregon State. I should be happy that the Beavers won because now USC has a better shot at the Pac-10 title. However, I know what Cal fans felt after that loss. After all, Stanford killed our title hopes last week when they beat us at home. And Oregon State beat us last year for our first loss of the ’06 season. And then Jesse reminded me that these were the same Cal fans who probably jumped for joy when Stanford beat USC last week. I don’t feel bad anymore. Karma’s a bitch, Golden Bears.
  • So, who’s gonna be #1 now that #1 and #2 have been beaten? Well, the wussy Ohio State Buckeyes, of course. The former #3 team in the country beat Kent State (are they even Division 1-A?) and somehow is now the nation’s top team. Considering their cake walk schedule (with such powerhouses as Akon and Youngstown State) and how crappy the Big 10 has been this year, how is Ohio State not going to run the table? The only game they could possibly lose is against Michigan in November. And I’m sure they’re looking for some payback over their loss in ’06. Hmmm…ummm…Go Wolverines!
  • Someone please explain to me how Kansas is in the Top 25 and unbeaten. Is it basketball season already? Oh nevermind…Kansas doesn’t play anybody.
  • Before people start accusing me of being a hater because USC isn’t #1, I’m not. I would be perfectly happy if USF became #1 over Ohio State because at least they’ve beaten a good team and they have a relatively challenging schedule compared to Ohio State. USF convincingly beat previously #5 WVU and Auburn. They deserve to be up there. If Ohio State goes to the title game, they’re just gonna get blown out by their opponent (whoever that will be) because they haven’t been tested all season. Kinda like last season. Doesn’t matter. The way this season’s being going, who knows who’s gonna end up on top?
  • Tech had a dominant performance against Duke this weekend, which is to be expected because they played Duke. But what wasn’t expected was the injury QB Tyrod Taylor suffered early in the game. This meant that my arch nemesis, Sean Glennon, had to enter the game and throw some passes. I wasn’t too worried because the Hokies were playing Duke. However, Glennon actually had a decent game. His passes were usually accurate and he threw for 2 TDs. Fortunately, the Hokies have a bye this weekend and will not play until the 26th, when they face #3 Boston College. Hopefully Taylor will be back by then.
  • In a game against Arizona (where we were favored by 20 points for some odd reason), USC displayed its usual inconsistency on its way to a close victory. Mark Sanchez started for injured QB John David Booty and I was glad he did. Booty has been a disappointment all season and I wanted to see what Sanchez was capable of. Sanchez was 19 for 31 with 1 TD and 2 interceptions. Those numbers aren’t great. But he did seem to bring an energy that was missing with Booty. I wonder if Sanchez will get to start when Booty comes back.

USC is missing something and I’m not sure what it is. A healthy o-line? A clear leader? A receiving corps that can consistently catch balls? Our defense is awesome, but rarely forces turnovers. We’re clearly beatable and we’ve lost our mental edge. I’m not sure what the answer is.

Up next, the Hokies get to rest on Saturday, while USC visits South Bend for the annual showdown with Notre Lame.


Shell said...

I don't mean to be a pain by any means, but could ASU get a mention anytime soon?!?! We are undefeated ya know ;)
-just playin of course!

sunchaser said...

Even though I don't follow football, I have to admit that I was kind of glad to hear about the Tech/Duke game outcome :)

sunchaser said...

not that it was a big surprise. haha! :D

J Fitty said...

I thought the VT offense played much better with Glennon than with Taylor on Saturday. Taylor's injury may be a blessing in disguise for the Hokies. He is a better "quarterback" than Taylor.

lizzie said...

shell--you're right. i really should jump on that ASU a Pac-10 supporter of course. i'll have something next week. was Duke, after all. at least they have basketball season.

j fitty--the only reason why glennon was decent was because it was against duke. taylor is a much better athlete and scrambler than glennon has ever been. and taylor is a freshman. a true freshman. he looks better than freakin' jimmy clausen who is definitely not worth the hype.

but then again, clausen goes to notre dame.

Jilian said...

Not that I follow the team real close - but I heard we had some of our 1st string O Line back this weekend. This allowed everyone to play their natural positions. (the line had been switched up some since game 1) The line gave Glennon the time he needed to make plays. Yes I know Duke doesn't have as strong a defense as others - but it was probably a combination of the two that allowed our offense to do it's thing this weekend :)

Tyrod or Glennon - whoever plays Thursday night against BC - I'll be cheering they have the best night of their lives! GO HOKIES!

J Fitty said...

You are was against Duke. But against Duke on Saturday, Glennon played better than Tyrod. Against the same team, Glennon played better. He even got a little shifty in the collapsed pocket a couple times and ganed a few yards rushing. It was not pretty, but he did it. TT can run and scramble, but Glennon is 10 times better at playing QB than TT. Glennon can pass with accuracy, something TT does not do. Glennon can read a defense and go through his progressions (when he has the time), something TT can not do. As TT gets more experience, he will get better. Right now though, the Hokies are a better offense with Glennon at the helm. It is all about establishing the running game (Ore needs to step it up!) and quick drops for Glennon.