Tuesday, November 20, 2007

maybe i should've gone home for turkey day

I’m homesick already.

It’s all Serena’s fault.

I called my sister this weekend to find out what she wanted for Christmas (did I mention that I’m halfway done with my Christmas shopping already? Yup, I’m that good). She happened to be watching Serena that day and she handed the phone off to her so Serena and I could talk.

Me: Hi, Serena! What are you doing?
Serena: HI! *giggle* I’m…gibberish, gibberish, gibberish.
Me: Oh really? That’s nice
(if you recall, she gets mad when people don’t understand her so I just go along with it).
Serena: Yeah…gibberish, gibberish, gibberish
(I’m sure it makes sense to her, but not to me).
Me: Oh, ok. Cool.
(still going along…hoping to understand something soon).


Serena: Are you coming home soon?
Me: (Insert sound of heart breaking here…This is not the first time she’s asked me this, but every time she does is just as painful as the last time she asked).
Me: I’m coming home soon, Serena. I’m going to be home for your birthday!
Serena: Ohhhh! *giggles* My birfday’s soon. I can’t wait. There’s going to be horsies and presents.
Me: Horsies?
Serena: Yeah, my birfday’s going to be at the horsies.
Me: Oh, that’s going to be fun. Are you excited about all of the presents?
Serena: Yes. *giggles*
Me: Yeah, I would be too.

My sister later gets on the phone and clarifies that her birthday party is going to be at the stables where she’s learning to ride. She does actually have her own horse and she’s obsessed with him. She can even tell you the difference between an Appaloosa and an Arabian. I love how she says Appaloosa as Appaloosha.

Anyhoo, I absolutely adore this little angel and I can’t wait to see her again in 27 days.
ta da!

Yes, I’m counting down, ok?

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Madame M. said...

She is adorable-- I'm sorry about these 2000+ miles myself! :o(