Wednesday, November 21, 2007

that macy's parade ain't got nothing on me

Thanksgiving is really not a big deal in my family. Christmas is a big deal and our birthdays are a big deal, but Thanksgiving? Not so much. Yeah, we do the whole turkey meal with mashed potatoes and stuffing, but I don’t make it a point to go home for Thanksgiving. When I was younger, Thanksgiving was just another day except we’d eat a large meal at the end of the day.

Thanksgiving took on a whole new meaning for me when I moved here a few years ago. My first few months in the city, I got by on the kindness of people whom I barely knew, people who opened their homes and their hearts to me—a lonely girl who knew no one in the city. This got me thinking about all that is important to me in my life. I started to truly appreciate what I had back at home—friends and family. However, I had started a new life in DC and I was beginning to see value in that too. I thought about how rare it is for me to tell people how much I love and appreciate them, even though I do, very much.

So I started my own Thanksgiving tradition. Every year, I think about what I’m thankful for and put it down on paper. And then I share my list.

  • My family and friends being alive and well in 2007
  • Being pneumonia free since the end of October!!!
  • MY NEW JOB!!! DC’s got a new AIDS activist…
  • Serena Rose, my 2-year-old niece who has the amazing ability to break my heart and make me smile at the same time
  • Gary and Misha--my bicoastal hair team—for dealing with my hair’s multiple personalities this year.
  • Coach and all of the Coach stuff I’ve received this year which I totally love.
  • My dear, faithful blog peeps, without whom I probably wouldn’t be keeping a blog
  • The blog for being the cheapest form of therapy ever…oh and for getting me on Slate and CNN.
  • Ted (still my bartender) and the door man at Millie and Al's who always remember me
  • The Dems taking control of Virginia! Woo Hoo!
  • Law and Order: SVU marathons on USA network
  • Annie and Smarticus for making me think and engaging me in debate
  • Shama, Jeff, and Victoria—The Cool Kids—for keeping me sane at work and helping me gain a sense of perspective when I need it most.
  • Josh, Shama and Roo Roos for providing excellent references for me. I couldn’t have gotten that job offer without you.
  • Gwen Stefani for going on tour this year and putting on an awesome show.
  • Bill and Beth, the most welcoming Hokies I know
  • My mom and sis for putting on an awesome birthday party for me
  • Kattie, my sweet and thoughtful soul sister (and the original DC drinking buddy) who took the time to come out to San Francisco so I wouldn’t be alone on my birthday (and ended up getting sick because I didn’t know I had pneumonia until after my birthday).
  • My shrink for helping me understand me
  • Shell, who recently graced me with her presence by coming to visit. I’m glad we’re starting a new drinking tradition although I’d love to play our Super Mario Brothers drinking game again some time.
  • Project Runway for finally coming back!
  • Aditi who always understands and listens and gives the best advice.
  • Lisa, the only Bruin I associate with. I know we haven’t seen much of each other this year (and now you’re in Japan so we won’t see each other soon) but you’ll always have a special spot in my heart
  • Jesse who still gives me butterflies every time he looks at me.
To everyone on the list and those who are in my heart but unnamed, I love you and appreciate you. You make my life wonderful and lucky and worthwhile. I hope that I have shown you the same love and kindness that you have shown me over the years. Even though I may not call you back right away or email you as often as I should, I want you to know that you are in my heart always.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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