Friday, November 16, 2007

this one’s for the hokies

Apparently, the most explosive player introduction in college football these days belongs to Virginia Tech. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.

It’s not really anything out of the ordinary—the entrance itself. The VT cadet corp lines up and forms a lane for the players to run through. And then Metallica’s Enter the Sandman plays (I hate Metallica by the way). Shortly after the crowd gets all pumped up, cheer/yell/song leaders run out down the lane and the football players follow soon after. And then Metallica is silenced.

Not that you’ll notice that the song isn’t playing. That’s because the crowd is SO LOUD that you can’t really hear the song once the crowd gets going. And honestly, in my humble opinion, that’s what makes VT’s player intro the best in college football. As a frequent spectator of this phenomenon (I most certainly do not get as pumped up as the crowd does...I mean, I’ll do my hooting and hollering, but by no means am I going to jump up and down and go nuts), I can actually feel the crowd. The energy and sound is just deafening. Even I, a Trojan who occasionally dons the maroon and orange, get caught up in it. It’s a hard thing to explain really.

As a college football fan in general, it makes me very proud.

This is certainly not the same as being there, but it might help.

Happy Weekend, peeps!

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