Friday, January 4, 2008

friday brain dump: caucus fever edition

This one's for my politically apathetic blog peeps. Keep reading and I'll turn you into a moderately informed voter by November (and that's more informed than the typical SoCal voter). That's a promise.

  • I want to be an Iowa caucus voter!

  • Oh wait. Iowa's generally a red state, right? Never mind.

  • Mike Huckabee won (for the GOP)? Oh my lord. Please don't tell me the world is coming to an end. It scares me that Huckabee could actually win something in which votes are cast and then counted. Actually, if Huckabee is going to be the next president (now I know primary season isn't THAT serious but still), I may have to seriously consider moving. Heaven help us.

  • I can't live in a country where the 'leader of the free world' believes in putting all HIV/AIDS patients in quarantine.

  • What's worse than Huckabee winning? Romney came in second. The GOP's Christian conservative base is rearing its ugly head.

  • At least my man Obama won for the Dems. *sigh* I have mixed feelings about this.

  • Did you guys hear about the Catholic priest from Spain who said in his Christmas day sermon that all of those victims of pedophile priests may have wanted to be molested? I believe this is the same defense used by rapists ("well, her outfit was slutty so you know she wanted it").

  • Thank you, Congress, for FINALLY lifting the ban to fund needle exchange programs in D.C. Sure, they ignored for many years the research that shows that needle exchange programs work in reducing HIV transmission. Then again, when was the last time Congress actually chose Science over Religion/Politics as their basis for sound health policy?

  • Can we (people, society as a whole) please be more accepting of immigrants (both illegal and legal) now? That would really make my new job a bit easier. I've already got enough hurdles to jump.

If you are as excited about Congress lifting the needle exchange funding ban as I am, I encourage you to check out Local 16 tonight for happy hour. Local 16 is hosting the "Good Riddance! The needle exchange funding ban is gone" party tonight, starting at 5:30 p.m. See ya there!

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Lexi said...

Steve (my bf) is from Iowa. I told him last night that I would not even consider moving to a state that would elect someone as scary as Huckabee. Not that I really wanted to move there anyway, but now I definitly don't!

Don't worry, he won't get NH! (I'm from NH...)

I'm sad that Biden dropped. I know he wasn't going to get the nom, but I do like him. I hope someone picks him as a VP or appoints him as Sec of State...

Happy belated holidays!