Thursday, January 3, 2008

it’s not every day that you start a new job

I’m going to break my unspoken blog rule and blog in the vaguest terms about my job. As you know, I left my old job and yesterday I started my new job, one that felt like the perfect job for me.

Here’s what I found out yesterday:

A two block walk becomes very long when you add wind to subfreezing temperatures.

Must. Wear. More. Conservative. Tops. To. Work.

My position has been vacant for 4 months. Yes, 4.

My predecessor left her lunch in my inherited desk.

I should have more books, less cobwebs on my inherited book shelf.

I love how the most prominent file in my inherited file cabinet was the one labeled “Food” with all the menus from the local restaurants.

Some people thrive on drama. I’d prefer to escape it, not resolve it.

There might be no limit to the amount of information my brain can absorb in one day.

Let the stressing out begin.

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