Monday, January 28, 2008

lookin' for love in all the right places...

I was just passing by when I turned and our eyes locked. As I continued to walk past him, he followed me with eyes as green as emeralds. He kept looking for me even when I had passed him by. But the look in his eyes made me stop and turn around. You just can't ignore a look like that--the interest and longing his eyes expressed were inescapable. I was beginning to fall in love.

I turned to Jesse and said, "Isn't he beautiful?" Jesse replied, pointing to his friend, "I kinda like the other one." I went to grab the volunteer. "Could we visit with this one?" I asked her. Happily, she said, "Sure." She went to grab the one that Jesse preferred and I was disappointed, but I hid it. As we walked to the visitor's room, I couldn't stop thinking about those eyes. There was a connection there I couldn't deny.

In the visitor's room, Jesse and I played with Danny, a tiger striped domestic short hair cat who was staying at the animal shelter in Arlington. Danny was playful and all, but I was curious about his roommate, the sleek black cat with magnificent green eyes. After playing with Danny, I asked the volunteer to bring in his roommate. I just had to know.

Sawyer/Kitty in a file photo from the shelter

The volunteer brought in Sawyer, the black cat. Sawyer is still a kitten at 6 months. He is all black with just a little spot of white fur on his chest. He sniffed around the room curiously at first. When he was satisfied with his surroundings, he began looking for love. While looking for love, he got distracted by my jacket and started to play with the dangling zipper. I showed him some love by scratching his head and he responded by nudging my hand as if to say, "More love, please."

When he had become comfortable with me, he headed over to Jesse who was entertaining Danny. Apparently, Sawyer was playful again, running around and trying to get some attention. Jesse reached out his hand and Sawyer happily nudged it, looking for some lovin'. He got some. Sawyer was definitely a charmer and too cute to resist.

We thought about taking them both, but apparently, we need permission from our home owner's association board in order to have two pets. The choice was clear. Sawyer and I had a connection and he managed to win Jesse over. He was coming home with us, no buts about it.

One thing Jesse and I decided on quickly was the name. We weren't keeping Sawyer. Jesse had a friend in college named Sawyer who stole a hat of his, so 'Sawyer' brings negative connotations with it. So, for now, kitty is just 'Kitty'. We're still debating on the name. Right now, we're leaning towards Cole, seeing as that the kitty is as black as coal. We're open to suggestions, though.

Thanks to Kitty, Jesse and I had a rough night last night. Apparently, he likes to jump on the bed and walk on our faces while we're sleeping.

It's so hard to get mad at him though. He's just looking for some love. We've all been there, haven't we?


Shell said...

Congratulations on your newest member of your family!!

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