Wednesday, February 6, 2008

can't we all just get along?

Apparently, the Latino vote is in high demand. It makes me pretty happy to know that my vote is being courted by the presidential nominees. However, by the looks of things on Super Tuesday, it appears that Latino voters have anointed their candidate: Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Not surprisingly, I find myself in the minority of my own minority group. I will not be voting for HRC in the primaries. Moreover the mainstream media (MSM) has been preying upon this so-called animosity between Latinos and Blacks and suggesting that this animosity is the reason why Obama won't be winning the Latino vote. If anything, this notion is probably swaying more Latino voters HRC's way.

It's sad really. I'd prefer to think that people are voting on the issues, not on the color of someone's skin. I'd like to think that the MSM is oversimplifying the issue and dwindling it down to race. I mean, seriously, Black/Latino relations can't be that simple.

Personally, I love Black people (heck, I happen to be head-over-heels in love with one). And I would imagine that most educated Blacks and Latinos alike would not have a problem with one another. I think uneducated or recently immigrated Latinos probably do judge on the basis of skin color because that attitude is what they are familiar with. I once told my mom that I wished I had darker skin (because everyone is tan in California) and she answered by telling me how, in Mexico, light-skinned Mexicans are favored over dark-skinned Mexicans because they are thought to be descendants of the Europeans as opposed to being from the Natives (and I guess Europeans > Natives). I don't agree with this logic, but for some, it's accepted as truth.

A recent Pew study shows that Blacks and Latinos actually do get along for the most part (if you click on the link to the study, I just want to add that I don't at all approve of the lumping together of all Spanish-speakers as 'Hispanic' as there are probably differences in opinion between Latino ethnic groups regarding Blacks). Also, a recent article from Gregory Rodriguez (whom I don't always agree with) in the LA Times proves that African Americans running for public office can actually get the majority of the Latino vote. So how did HRC get all of those Latinos to vote for her?

I'm not sure (I'm hoping they are voting on the issues). But I know to give the MSM some credit for furthering this Black/Latino animosity 'theory.' I don't want to dismiss any hateful incidents between the two races (yes, I understand there's a huge Black vs. Latino gang war in L.A. right now). But those problems are historically brought on by other factors: poor socioeconomic conditions, Latinos moving in to traditionally Black neighborhoods, and even the fight for blue-collar jobs. None of these factors are caused by race, although it does play a part.

So, to all of my fellow Latino voters who are afraid to vote for a black man simply because he is black, please vote on the issues. Don't let anyone(MSM) or any thing (racism) vote for you.


Jo said...

You're latina? Really? I'd no idea.

I wish I could vote... but my latino vote would go to Obama not Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I cant remember the last time I was ever truly undecided about an election. Maryland's primary is next week and I dont have the first clue if I am voting for Clinton or Obama. Do you really think obama can win the general election? I know, I know, I should be voting on the issues, but damnit after 8 years of Bush we desparately need a Democrat in the WH. ~Erika

lizzie said...

jo--yes, i am. 100% don't let the fair skin and auburn highlights fool you (the hair color is fake). :)

my latino vote is going to obama.

erika--i'm not sure if obama can win the general election to be honest with you. mccain is a tough opponent to go up against. and i too share your concern about a GOP president getting elected. we don't need 4 more years of this crap. but obama's shown that he actually cares about the AIDS crisis and that's why i'm voting for him.

Anonymous said...

See-I think Obama is much more electable than Clinton. She is so decisive and I know tons of Dems who won't vote if she gets the nom. With a McCain vs Clinton ticket-McCain would def win. McCain vs Obama I think would be a "good" fight,so to speak (with hopefully an Obama win). What I think people don't get is that Clinton appeals most to ultra-liberals (who would vote for Obama if nominated), but Obama has a much wider appeal to moderates-which is what is needed to win.

Straight from the Hip said...

Come on, we all know the reason Latinos cant relate with Blacks is because our culture is different than theirs. It has nothing to do with race.

Blacks tend to be more outspoken, obsessed with having respect, a bit on the lazy side, and their culture (hip hop) tends to glorify violence, suggest hustling and not hard work as the way to make it, their music demeans women, while a large percentage of Black men do not assume responsibility for the profanity that is millions of black women raising their children as a result of large portions of Black men being incarcerated, denying their children and their responsibility. This cause has enabled the effect of large portions of black families to remain poor.

The problem is not Latinos, its Black America needs to re-examine itself, their leaders dont care, they seem more interested in hearing a complaint from a Black worker of racism so they can go to the company and tell them we are going to the press unless you give us something something, that way they are taken care of, and so is the person the initiated the complaint.

Anonymous said...

meant to say divisive, not decisive. I think Clinton is divisive (but she is also decisive):)

lizzie said...

anon1--i think you're right. but i'm afraid of all of those swing voters who won't vote for obama simply because he's black.

i think you're right about hilary. i know of a lot of conservative GOPers who don't like mccain but will vote for him if he's running against hilary.

straight from the hip--hmmm...i'm not sure how to approach your comment. it's based on stereotypes of blacks and being a latino myself, i know those latino stereotypes are not all true. i don't feel comfortable with your generalizations. there are plenty of latino men who don't care for their kids (some of them are clients of mine). there are tons who live in poor conditions with little hope to improve themselves. some are uneducated and such.

i just feel that there are so many similarities b/n blacks and latinos that the animosity (if it exists) doesn't make sense. why not mobilize together and improve the conditions in which we live?