Monday, February 11, 2008

in need of a really good cat nap

I'm not sure when it started. At first, he was more than comfortable laying by my feet. And then, all of a sudden, that just wasn't good enough. Pretty soon, he was right next to me. My arm was next. And then my back. And finally, he found a spot on my pillow. Luckily, I have two. At first, he chose my place-holder pillow. The one that keeps me from falling off of the bed. Soon, that wasn't good enough.

i can see upside down!
He had to have my other pillow. The one my head rests on.

look into my eyes

Ok, so I've decided that I have to share my pillow with my new kitty, Dominick. This would be an acceptable arrangement if he slept through the night. However, he doesn't. And I know when he wakes up because he tells me.

night, night

He tells me by scratching at my tank top straps, thinking they are strings to play with. He tells me by gently punching me in the face with his soft little paw. He tells me by pulling and scratching on my hair. And the ultimate wake up call? Somehow he got his paw into my mouth.

i see you, nicky!

I haven't slept this poorly since the first time Jesse spent the night. Still, he's the most adorable little bundle of fur I've ever seen.

kitty's big eyes

I just really wish he'd let me sleep.


Mme. Meow said...

You are getting pwned by a kittay!

Better set some boundaries now, or else anything that minorly affects His Highness might merit a dump on your head :oP


lizzie said...

seriously. ugh. he's taking over the whole place! last night, he hit me on the head countless times and gave me a kiss in the middle of the night (his whiskers woke me up before the actual kiss happened, meaning i was half awake when his nose touched my lips). it's cute and annoying at the same time. still, considering he came from a shelter, i don't want to deny him any love and attention. hence my dilemma.