Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a tale of three campaign volunteers

Yesterday was by far one of the coldest days of 2008 so far. When I woke up, the radio said it was 10 degrees. 10 degrees? Seriously? I thought I was going to die. That much cold is just unnatural. I've said it before and I'll say it again--Seasons are overrated, peeps! It's all about the 70 degree weather all year round.

I was on my way to Ballston metro, thinking about how perfect California is while my lips went numb, and I came across a couple of campaign volunteers. Two of them were supporting Hilary. And one of them was supporting Obama. The Obama guy got to me first as he was right next to the WaPo Express guy and I had to get my morning news fix. Obama guy says, "Are you voting for Barack Obama?" as he tries to hand me a flier (which I'm assuming listes the reasons why I should vote for him). Proudly, I answered him as I got my Express, "Obama already has my support." And then the Obama guy bursts out, "We've got another voter for Obama right here, folks! Woo hoo!"

Oh lordy. It's rush hour on the Metro. I just wanted to blend in with all of my fellow 8 to 5ers (and get inside a warm Metro station). The last thing I want to do is attract some attention before I've had my morning tea.

As the Hilary supporters heard this, they swarmed me, blocking my way to the Metro escalator. "Vote for Hilary!" they said in unison as they tried to shove some flier into my hands. "Umm...no thanks," I replied as I maneuvered past them to get down to the Metro station.

I know the Hilary supporters had only mere seconds to convince me to change my mind, but that was a pointless endeavor. I wonder how many undecided voters they are able to convince this way. My guess is not many if at all. Honestly, if you're an undecided voter, you've got to do your own research about the candidates and the issues (actually, that statement could apply to all voters in general). Don't let someone else make up your mind for you.

I've already read a lot on both Democratic candidates. The fact is that policy-wise, they are pretty much the same. However, I feel that Obama has a deeper commitment to AIDS issues than Hilary does. In fact, when Bill Clinton was president, he didn't do much of anything for the AIDS pandemic internationally (which is something GW Bush has been able to do--my criticism on that will come later this week). And considering what I do for a living, I'm going to align myself with Obama.

Besides, had I not been inspired by Obama's speech last year on AIDS in Africa, it would've taken me longer to get my butt in gear and look for a job that is exactly what I'm doing now.

Regardless of who you're voting for, get out there and vote! And yes, DC metropolitan area peeps, I'm talking to you! Today is the Potomac Primary.

You have an opportunity to have a say in the future of this country. Don't blow it.


Anonymous said...

I've got about 5 hours before the polls close and still dont have a clue! this is very unusual for me, but then again the dems have usually picked their winner by the time the Maryland primaries come around. For me it's all about who can win in the general election. I still dont know. Who do you think the republicans are most afraid of facing this year? ~erika

lizzie said...

erika--hmmm...this is a toughie for me. i think the republicans would love to go up against HRC because the republicans hate the clintons. all of those hard core conservatives that are pissed romney dropped out and refuse to vote for mccain will most certainly come out in droves to vote against HRC. they'd be willing to do anything to keep her out of the oval office.

and honestly, i've been reading a lot of HRC supporter hate and Obama supporter hate on numerous blogs lately and i am so sick of it. some dems are going so far as saying that if their candidate doesn't get the nomination, they're not going to vote. that's such bs. i really want obama to get the nom, but if he doesn't, i will still gladly vote for HRC. we need some party unity here!

regarding electability, i'm afraid that if some bad skeleton comes out of obama's closet (not that i'm saying it exists, but if it did), there go all of those moderate voters to the GOP side.