Thursday, June 19, 2008

SOC: crazy, sexy, boo boo

hey sexy,

4 years, huh? can you believe it's been that long? seems like only yesterday when i was checking you out as you walked into dupont italian kitchen, wondering how IT nerds could be so hot. that was definitely one of the best days of my life. who knew that day would be the start of something special, different, liberating, intoxicating, passionate, extraordinary?

certainly not me. i wasn't expecting you to come into my life. wonderful, handsome, intelligent you.

i was a silly girl back then. so emotional yet distant. a cynic who didn't expect to fall in love. pushing people away and being the opposite of having my heart on my sleeve. that heart was under lock and key. and then your love struck me like a lightning bolt and i was forever changed.

you found my heart and now
it's all yours.

4 years is plenty of time to change. and change we did. i wonder if you've noticed how we went from a couple of crazy kids in love to a couple of adults starting our own family (with kittehs!!!). do we make the best team or what?

you are the perfect package. tall (yes, height is important). funny. smart. sensitive. caring. understanding. hot. strong. what did i do to deserve you? how in the world did i get so lucky?

remember when kate told us we don't know how lucky we are. i think we do. we know what we have. that perfect, elusive combination of love passion friendship partnership. yup. we've got it.

they say it's not the destination but the journey. and i wouldn't change a thing. every step we took to get to where we are now? perfect.

every tear i've cried. worth it.
every glance we've exchanged. soulful.
every hug you gave. comforting.
every kiss we've shared. love.
every touch between us. gentle.
every cuddle in bed. blissful.

i found you when i wasn't looking. the love of my life. i love you today and forever.

happy anniversary

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Capitol Hill 20210 said...

awww Happy Anniversary to you

and I am glad I am not the only one who spells "kittehs" like that