Monday, July 28, 2008

calling all community garden caretakers!!!

Do you have a community garden that you care for? Would you like some help in sprucing it up? Are you in the DC or Northern Virginia area? If so, email me ASAP so we can set up something.

Let me explain: I organize the community service/volunteer events for my local alumni chapter and I recently proposed the idea of a community garden clean up and the board gave the idea a big thumbs up! However, I've been having trouble getting in contact with a local organization and have decided to take my query to the interwebs!

So what does this mean: you will get 8-10 able-bodied volunteers willing to give up their Saturday or Sunday afternoon getting down and dirty in order to make your community garden pretty. If the event is a success, maybe we can set up a regular clean up.

This is free labor, peeps! How can you turn this down?

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Lexiloo said...

I wish I could garden! I killed my bamboo plant a few weeks ago...the plants that are supposedly impossible to kill!