Friday, July 25, 2008

frisky feline friday: my sweet lil fur baby returns!

Because I've been quite the bitter, belligerent Betty on the blog this week, today I will post about something that always brings a smile to my face: my fur babies.

As you know, Dominick is hairless on the inside of his leg. I'm sad to report that he continues to be hairless. However, I'm convinced that he's feeling anxious (I'm not projecting, I swear) and for some reason, licking the inside of his leg soothes him. And what is the source of this anxiety?

Well, Gracie, the Troublemaker, of course.
kitty in a basket
Who? Me? Cute, lil adorable me?

The kittehs got a visit from fellow cat lover Capitol Hill 20210 this week and Gracie hammed it up for attention as usual.
gracie wants to shop
Ummm, mom, it's time to spruce this place up a bit. Here's a coupon to help you get started.

Meanwhile, Nicky kinda hung out in the background, being cute but not receiving as much attention as The Ham.
where's 'hoomanz for dummies'?
Hello? I want some love too!

On the advice from CH 20210, Jesse and I have begun Operation Love Nicky Back. We've decided to give him some Rescue Remedy to help with the anxiety and to give him extra love and attention so that he knows that we love him just as much as we love Gracie. She may be the house Alpha Kitty, but Nicky was our first baby and he will always be Alpha Kitty in our hearts.

kitty's corner
All by myself...

Two days after the Operation started, Nicky has started to act more like himself. When Gracie tries to play with him, he actually wants to play back. He's spending more and more time with Jesse and me. And last night, for the first time since the baldness appeared, Nicky slept next to me on my pillow. He even came over to give me a pre-dawn kiss on my face this morning. It had been a long time since I've received an unsolicited kiss from him. And despite another night of the worst sleep ever, I woke up with a smile on my face and Nicky by my side (and a sleepy Jesse on the other--sandwiched between my two favorite boys).

nicky sticks out tongue
Time to play!

We still haven't received the results from one of the tests we got done at the last vet visit. But I'm hoping that with a little love and attention (and some help from homeopathic remedies), Nicky will be as good as new really soon.


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

Nicky got attention too that night ---- Gracie for some reason loves me haha goofy cat.

I knew rescue remedy would work - its seems that is the problem. I did love watching those two fight, it was funny.

they are so cute

anOCgirl said...

that's true. he did get some love. but gracie got most of the attention cuz she was being all cute and adorable with her crazy antics.

i love when they fight and then they start licking each other out of the blue. it's like, 'sorry i bit your booty there...let me lick your face to make up for it.'