Monday, July 14, 2008

dog meet world

As you guys know, Heidi, the family dog, passed away last month. Not too long ago, I asked the question, "How soon is too soon to get a new dog?" My mom was up for getting a new dog because she really missed Heidi. My sister was not so receptive.

But all of that changed a couple of weeks ago when my mom and sis had to dogsit for my brother's family dog. Dundee spent the week at my mom's house while my brother and his family went camping or some outdoorsy thing like that. Despite the fact that she was still hurting, my sister couldn't ignore the dog. She spent a lot of time with him during the course of the week, feeding him, playing with him, taking him on walks. She really began to miss having a dog around.

I know that people get over tragedies differently. And I really thought that my sis would be sad for a long time. But thanks to Dundee, the healing process was short.

After an unsuccessful trip to the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter, my mom and sis received a text from my brother over the weekend. Apparently, one of his friends has labs who recently had puppies and the friend was trying to find homes for the puppies. A lab would be perfect for my family--my mom thinks they are super cute and my sister didn't want another German Shepherd (Heidi could never be replaced). On Sunday, they checked out the pups and fell in love with one.

And now, making her blog debut is Jenny, the yellow lab puppy and the newest addition to our family.

Isn't she precious?

P.S. That is my mom holding her. I love that she still wears her wedding ring even though she's been a widow for most of my life.


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

oh my goodness - how cute is the puppy - awesome..........yay for puppies.

Jilian said...

I'm technically not a big dog/animal person (except for my 2 doggies - I love them :)) - but there is not much cuter than a puppy, especially a lab puppy! I'm glad your mom and sis were successful in finding a puppy in need of a home and love :)

lizzie said...

CH 20210--thanks! jenny is a cutie. i just wanna play with her floppy ears.

jilian--ur doggies are adorable! i too am glad my mom and sis were able to find a puppy so soon.

Lexiloo said...

Welcome to the world, Miss Jenny! She's adorable! Congrats to your family :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! Congrats on the new addition to the family!