Friday, July 11, 2008

my baby is still sick, but not as sick as other people...

This little furball is still sick.
someone's not impressed
He is SO OVER being sick, as you can tell.

The baldness on his leg has increased in size since we took him to the vet two weeks ago and we're going back again tomorrow to get some more diagnostics done. Hopefully, we'll soon find out why my fur baby is missing fur.

The other day, I had the pleasure of meeting Capitol Hill 20210 for happy hour and she agreed to give little Nicky a look afterwards (she was sober, so it was ok). Without revealing too much, I trust her judgment as she has more animal health training than I do. So, she came over and had a look see (and play time with the kittehs) and told me not to worry. She also advised me to check out the interwebs for pictures of hotspots, since that is obviously what Nicky is suffering from.

Shortly after she left, I hit the Web running and did a google image search for hotspots. That didn't work as I'm not looking to see what the most popular clubs in the world look like. But doing a search for the medical term for hotspots (dermatitis, acute dermatitis, or acute moist dermatitis) led me to view some horrific images that have now been seared into my brain.

Like this one (AKA crusty butt)

Or this one (crusty peen)

Thankfully, Nicky appears to have an incredibly mild case compared to these people.

And I have CH 20210 to thank for scarring me for life. :)


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

HeHe - gotta love the interwebs..........

I love Nicky and Gracie - cutest freaking kittehs......I wanted to take them home with me...........Nicky is so sweet and docile.

good luck tomorrow

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

I just looked at those picture ewww uncircumsized even ewwww