Friday, July 18, 2008

this little kitty: a poem

This little kitty is still sicky-poo.

nicky says what's up

This little kitty is not.

gracie the diva

This little kitty is still growing.

kitty yoga

This little kitty stopped short.

just checkin' out the new litter box

This little kitty is a total mama's boy.

a mommy holds her fur baby

This little kitty loves her daddy.

jesse and gracie

This little kitty loves to nap next to mommy when mommy naps.

sleepy time

This little kitty would rather sleep on top of you and keep your diaphragm from expanding so that it feels like you can't breathe in the middle of the night.


Jesse thinks Gracie's out to kill us sometimes.

1 comment:

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

thats cause Gracie wants to come live with me if u recall I got hold the furball twice and she came to me - HA!

Operation Gracie KidNap!