Monday, September 29, 2008

college football recap: sabotage saturday

As you can imagine, I'm still upset over The Upset. Let's do this in chronological order, shall we?

  • Damn you, Oregon State Beavers! What the hell? You're a 1-2 team and you picked this Thursday in front of a national audience to embarrass my Trojans? Ugh. I gotta give the Beavers some credit though. They showed up to play. The Trojans were lackluster and, at times, appeared as though they were going through the motions. It was certainly not the same squad that exposed all of Ohio State's weaknesses the previous weekend. I'm disappointed, but I know we're going to bounce back. That's just what we do after a big loss.
  • We weren't the only team that were shocked into a loss this weekend. #9 Wisconsin played against Michigan in Ann Arbor and were probably surprised to see a 1-2 team so ready to play. Actually, Wisconsin led for most of the game before Michigan woke up and started their comeback. After being down 19-0 in the first half, the Wolverines barked back and scored all of their 27 points in the second half. Being a girl and an emotional sports fan, my heart went out to the Badgers. I knew exactly how their fans felt.
  • One team I don't feel sorry for is the Florida Gators. They hosted Ole Miss who was up for playing the spoiler role. They hung on for a 1 point win and, because I don't really care for the SEC, I didn't really feel bad. So, thanks Ole Miss. Oh and great job hosting the presidential debate!
  • Speaking of the SEC, the upsets continued. #3 Georgia hosted the #9 Alabama Crimson Tide and 'Bama shocked and embarrassed the Bulldogs on their home turf. They opened the game by scoring and continued to score until the 3rd quarter, when they were finally forced to punt. Georgia did attempt a comeback and ending up making the final score (41-30) somewhat respectable. I'm not sure what happened with Georgia. But that game left me wondering if Alabama really is that good.
  • Well, there was good news for one of my favorite teams, at least. The Hokies of Virginia Tech traveled to Lincoln to play the Cornhuskers of Nebraska. I'm not really sure how good the Huskers are. In fact, I don't think they've been challenged all season. However, the Hokies are in rebuilding year, so I wasn't sure what to expect of them either. Well, I certainly didn't expect them to score 35. AND I definitely didn't expect their defense to allow 30 points. But the VT offense seemed to execute fairly well against the Husker defense. Tech scored 6 out of 6 times in the red zone and had a season-high 21 first downs. Wow. Maybe I should give that Hokie offense a bit of credit. Thank goodness Glennon didn't play a snap.
Up next for the Hokies is Western Kentucky and USC hosts Oregon in LA.

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I went to WKU for all of one day! hahaha go Hilltoppers