Thursday, September 25, 2008

if you can't take the heat, get OUT of the race for president

Damn you, McCain! I had this nice little post for today about why I wasn't going to vote for you but then you go ahead and did what you did yesterday and now I need to vent.

So, apparently the media and McCain are on the outs. I believe it all started when his campaign declared that Palin wouldn't speak to the press until they showed her some respect (so many weeks later, I'm still laughing my ass off over that one). And then it continued with a statement against the NY Times and how it's Pro-Obama and Anti-McCain and how dare it call itself a news source. Hey, cut the NY Times some slack for reporting the truth about McCain's lobbyist advisors. The truth hurts, doesn't it, GOP?

AND then the McCain campaign successfully lobbied (word seems appropriate here) to get a stricter format for the VP debate--structured questions, little time for rebuttal. Hmm. So Gov. Palin is ready to lead this country but she's afraid of getting into a war of words with Sen. Biden? But I thought she had so much experience, more than any senator, what with her being mayor and governor and in charge of the Alaska Reserve. And let's not forget her crash course in foreign policy this week. How could she be afraid of debating Biden now?

AND NOW, McCain wants to suspend his campaign and postpone the debates  in order to flock to Washington to fix the economy. Really? Isn't this the same man who said the fundamentals of our economy are strong? Isn't this the same man who has missed over 60% of his votes in Congress this session? Suddenly, he wants to interject his wisdom into the economic bailout plan that Congress is trying to work out (yup, the same plan he admitted to not having read two days ago). He's not even on the Senate Banking Committee.

So, right now, with 5 weeks left in this crucial election, McCain wants to stop campaigning (save that interview with Katie Couric last night and his appearance at Clinton's Global Initiative meeting today) and stop talking about the issues so he can singlehandedly save the economy? According to those already working to solve the crisis, McCain wouldn't be much help:

"We are pleased to report we are making bipartisan progress on a rescue proposal for our financial markets," said Chris Dodd and Sen. Chuck Schumer in a joint statement. "During these discussions, we have received significant cooperation and constructive feedback from the other side of the aisle -- with one notable exception. Apart from his unproductive criticisms made from afar, we have heard nothing from Senator McCain on these critical issues. Now is certainly not the time for him to inject presidential politics into these delicate discussions."

Couldn't he just hop on one of Cindy's planes and fly to Ole Miss after he votes? I'm confused as to why McCain couldn't save the economy and show up just in time for the debates. Can the man not multitask?

If he can't attend the debates, perhaps Palin can take his place.

Oh right, she's only had two media interviews (besides the Gibson and Couric interviews, I know that she spoke to Sean Hannity of Faux News but his bending over for her to spank does not an interview make). How can Palin not be media ready right now? How much of a delicate little flower is she if she must be so protected from the Big Bad Media? I thought she was a pit bull with lipstick. Well, she's not ready so NOW McCain's camp says, we must postpone the VP debate too! Oh lordy. Whatever happened to the Straight Talk Express?

Hey, McCain and Palin: GROW A PAIR. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the damn presidential race. It's only going to get worse if you're in office (heaven forbid).

Still, despite my frustration, I have to admit that nothing makes me happier than a GOP campaign imploding.


media concepts said...

You said it. I think that yesterday will go down as the day Chicken McNuggets and Sarah Quaylin quit the presidential race.

Anonymous said...

Friday morning on The Today Show, they made a point of calling out Palin for not granting them an interview. Sorry, I was half asleep and didn't see what sparked the comment.

Anonymous said...

You're exactly right. I really thought presidents needed to have the ability to multi-task. As it turns out, the ability to juggle multiple issues is optinional.

So stupid.