Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i know exactly what i want for my birthday

I'm jealous of my niece. My little 3 year old niece. I want what she's got. And no, I'm not referring to her naturally highlighted hair, her sparkling blue eyes, or her smooth, baby-soft skin. I'm talking about her new kitten.

He is 5 weeks old (I'm assuming it's male. Orange tabbies tend to be male) and was found in the stables where she rides. Isn't he precious?
Serena's kitty

Serena now has a horse, a pig, and now, a kitty. I can't believe I'm jealous about the kitty, considering I already have two little lovebugs of my own.

Here's the little equestrian.
serena rides
Serena's horse's name is Tinkerbell.

Here I am with Lana, Serena's mom's horse.
me and lana

Here's Jesse with Lana.
jesse and lana

Here's Serena again. Check out that perfect posture.
serena the equestrian

Gratuitous kitty photo!
just washin' your face
Don't mind them. They're just grooming.

I don't know why I want another kitty, but I do. And with my birthday coming up, I'm thinking another kitty would make an excellent gift.

hint, hint.


Lexiloo said...

she has her own horse!? I am jealous of that! I rode for ages, and never had my own!

anOCgirl said...

lexiloo: yes, my sister-in-law's family is really into horses. Tinkerbell is actually older and small so she's perfect for Serena.

but let's get back to the main issue: isn't that kitten adorable???

Lexiloo said...

yes, the kitten is quite cute, but will you hate me if I say I'm more of a dog person? :)

anOCgirl said...

lexiloo: no, silly, i won't hate you. i was a dog person for a very, very long time. i still like dogs tho, but i think i've evolved into a cat person by necessity. the condo is not really big enough for a dog so that's how we decided to adopt cats instead.

kattie said...

i'm not coming to visit if you get another :)

anOCgirl said...

ha! but you haven't even met your niece and nephew yet. you'll love them, i promise.

instatick said...

I have a neighbor who gets tired of animals. That's how we got our dog. I will steal her two precious kittens for you. One of them is even cuter than that one pictured if that's possible...