Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 things you probably didn't care to know about me but i'll tell you anyway

I've been tagged by Zipcode so here I go with 7 random things about me that you may not already know:

  • Little people scare me. I have no idea where it comes from.  I can't even watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Jesse even took me to that Little Person village in VA somewhere and it kinda freaked me out. I know. I'm a horrible person.
not sure what's going on with this extra space here.  oh well.
  • My college roommate and I were nicknamed 'Puff Daddy' and 'Mase' because we were together a lot. I was 'Mase'. I find it ironic that he went on to become a minister.
  • Every day I complain to my coworkers about all the sleep I lost the night before because the kitties were either sleeping on top of me or smothering me with their fur or poking me with their outstretched paws or attacking my legs under the covers or biting my booty. But the truth is that I LOVE when they pick me to sleep with and not Jesse.
  • Now that two of my closest friends have moved away, I really miss talking frankly about sex with the girls. Oh well. I'll just save it for the community outreach.
  • When I run into friends I haven't seen in a while and they ask me, "So what's new with you?" I don't know what to say because my life is boring. So I answer, "Well, you know, work...Jesse...the kitties. Yup, that's it."
  • I met my friend's baby for the first time on Saturday and I swear I heard my biological clock ticking again. I thought the kitties had taken care of that damn clock.
  • Jesse doesn't know that I already have our entire wedding planned. All he needs to do is propose.

So...if you've read this and you blog, consider yourself tagged!


Doug said...

hmm I dunno if I could handle having kitties in bed with me... I have enough trouble sleeping already, and I'd probably be up all night anyway scared that I'd punt one off the bed accidentally in my sleep ;)

anOCgirl said...

ha! and that's precisely why i have trouble sleeping at night when i have to share the space with the kitties. i've been known to kick them off the bed in my half sleepy/half awake state which then becomes a totally awake and alert state as i follow the kicked kitty and beg for his/her forgiveness.

Zipcode said...

hey you can talk to me about sex stuff anytime, Im like a Dr. Ruth

Zipcode said...

psst I gave you an award

Madame Meow said...

Kitties are wonderful, but I must say that only babies take care of the ticking clock once you realize that's what you want... ;o)

Lexiloo said...

remind me to tell you sometime about the few months that I apartment/cat-sat for my best friend and woke up one morning with her cat on my pillow. I screamed. I am sooooo not a cat person :)

ps. nothing wrong with pre-proposal wedding planning.... :)

anOCgirl said...

zip: an award? yay!

madame: ha! you should know. yup, you're probably right.

lex: awww...he was probably just hoping to cuddle.

also, remind me to never trust you with the fur babies (although they will probably win you over with their cuteness). :)

AND, i was hoping to count on you to make me feel less weird about the last point. thank you!