Wednesday, October 22, 2008

cuz every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man (in a fire station)

Two weeks ago, I was walking home when I noticed my friendly, neighborhood fire station was having an open house on Saturday and all were invited. Seeing as that I happen to know a single woman with a thing for men in uniform, I knew that I just had to invite her to come with. Me? Well, the only man who does it for me now is the man I'm currently with so I'm kinda 'meh' about men in uniform. I was more excited about getting to sit in a real life fire truck!

Sure, the open house was more for the kids. In fact, I think Zip and I were the only ones there without any little ones. But it was still fun. And if I recall correctly, Zip got a cute cop's number.

An ACFD fire truck
fire truck close up

Me in the fire truck
me in the fire truck

Gear all ready to go (strongly resisted the urge to put it on...)
gear is ready to go

The ACPD was there too. Zip made me get into the cop car. I refused to get into the back seat because of the potential bad vibes. So, I got in the front and nearly stole the handcuffs (the only thing that stopped me was not having the key).
driving the cop car

Our friendly, neighborhood cops hanging with the locals

How many nozzles does it take to put out a fire?
many hose nozzles

Maybe next year they'll let me use the siren.


zipcode said...

ahh that was fun -- ah yes red headed hottie yummy he was

sigh..............what is with me and the red heads

instatick said...

I've always wanted to go and stop by one of those open house things, but like you said, it always seems to be child infested.

zandria said...

I ready about this on Zipcode's site! Sounds like such a fun time. I'm jealous that I missed it! I totally would have come along.

I think you're planning to come to her Halloween party on Saturday night. I'll be seeing you there!