Monday, October 20, 2008

college football recap: a good day for me and a bad day for hokies

I spent all day at the sports bar on Saturday because that's exactly how I decided to celebrate my 30th birthday. This means that I got to see lots of football games.

  • But first, a Thursday game. In a game that certainly shocked me, Texas Christian easily beat #9 BYU 32-7. Really? TCU? The Horned Frogs? Well, I like me a good upset every now and then, but this was definitely unexpected. Especially since BYU has faced more formidable opponents. I suppose lots of teams have their own Oregon State.

  • #1 Texas handed Mizzou its 2nd loss in a row and easily beat them 56-31. Ok, what's with the high score, Longhorns? Can you not play defense? Not sure how much longer you'll be able to get away with that and stay #1.

  • #4 Oklahoma out scored #16 Kansas 45-31. What's up with the lack of defense Big 12?

  • Speaking of teams having their own Oregon State, Virginia Tech lost to Boston College at Boston this weekend. I'm certainly no Hokie Historian (yay alliteration), but it seems to me that the Hokies have a tough time traveling to Boston and winning there. I can't comment on this game too much seeing as that this game came at the end of a long day at the sports bar and I had a hard time focusing with all of those South Carolina fans around me, but at some point, they showed ex-starting QB Sean Glennon on the screen and I asked Jesse with fear in my heart, "Oh my God. Are they putting him in?" Sure they were down in the game, but certainly the Hokies couldn't be desperate enough to put Glennon out there. Jesse replied, "Oh gosh no" and I felt relieved. Despite starter Tyrod Taylor's interceptino, I would still pick him over Glennon. The Hokies lost, 28-23.

  • And in a game that doesn't need much explanation, USC beat Washington State, 69-0. For some reason, we missed a point after kick otherwise it would've been 70-0, which has a nice ring to it. For anyone who is wondering if we purposely ran up the score, USC's second and third strings played the entire second half. Yup. Wazzu really is that bad.

Up next for the Hokies is a game at Florida State. USC plays the Wildcats of Arizona in Tucson next Saturday.

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