Friday, October 17, 2008

fun, frisky felines: you are my sunshine, my only sunshine

Ugh. That's what my week has been like. 'Ugh' pretty much describes it perfectly.

Did I ever tell you that I get to keep my job? And that I got promoted, kinda? And we were awarded lots of funding for my new program (thanks federal agency that gave us money!)?

Yeah, so things are crazy at work. Normally, it's a good kind of crazy. I like to be busy, but I also want to have time to breathe. And apparently, that only happens in the morning when I get to work, since I show up 45 minutes before everyone else does.

Still, I totally signed up for this and I LOVE my job so I really shouldn't complain. This new project is so exciting and unique and REALLY filling a need in the community that I so can't wait until we start it. But before we do, there's all sorts of not-fun administrative stuff I have to do.

OH and this week I was invited to give a presentation to the federal agency that funds us. We were being recognized for the work that we do in the Latino community and I was asked to speak for 40 minutes. Yeah FORTY. So that was a crazy-ass presentation, but I think I made it work. No one fell asleep during it which is always a plus.

Every day, I came home late after working late. I arrived tired...just completely mentally exhausted. I wanted to go home and crawl into bed and wish the day away. But then I'd open that door and find my precious furbabies doing something cute or crying for attention or wrapping their bodies around my legs and the stress of the day would melt away. And once Jesse came home, I achieved momentary nirvana.

I love my little family. They're perfect.

And speaking of perfect, here's a little video of the furbabies being perfectly adorable. If you click play, I promise you some cute overload!

UPDATE: thanks zip for the tip. clearly i posted the wrong video. i swear, this one is way cute!


Zipcode said...

that video was super quick

You have been tagged by the way ha

zipcode said...

omg that was too freaking cute

instatick said...

SO cute! I love your kitties!

Generation Next said...

it's like they're trying to eat each other