Friday, October 10, 2008

fun, frisky felines: a message to end partisanship

I feel as though the election has only further divided us as a country. The pickering and smearing has got to stop. We're going to need to learn how to work together in order to get things done.

Like my cats.

Sure, maybe I'm oversimplifying it by comparing the Dems and GOP to my two darling kitties. But stay with me here. I swear there's a connection.

A couple of months ago, I bought Jesse a new office chair. His previous office chair was falling apart and the kitties were helping by ripping the seat fabric to shreds. They can be destructive little monsters sometimes.

So I got Jesse a fancy leather chair for his home office. Thus far, the leather has been scratch resistant so the chair appears to be safe from kitty destruction. Moreover, I have a feeling that the kitties will probably never destroy the chair because both Gracie and Nicky love to sleep on it.

Most of the time, they take turns. For example, Gracie will nap on it. When she wakes to use the potty, Nicky will come over and steal her spot. And vice versa. Jesse's use of the chair is completely irrelevant. In fact, if he's sitting in the chair, Nicky or Gracie will just come over and nap on his lap.

On one fateful Saturday, Gracie was napping on the chair. And for some reason, Nicky wanted to nap there too. At the exact same time.

Nicky thought he could just sleep on Gracie.
it's my chair!

However, this was an uncomfortable position for both of them.
Here is Gracie looking unhappy.
it's mommy with the camera again!

And both of them looking uncomfortable.
nicky: what is this lump under me?  oh hi, gracie!

After some mutual wrangling, they figured out that neither of them wanted off that chair.
gracie: come on, let's cuddle

why does gracie want to spoon?

look up, nicky!

Eventually, through the messy wrangling, they came up with a compromise.
gracie and nicky spooning
By spooning, they were both able to fit on the chair. Comfortably.

gracie and nicky spooning

It took them a while, but they finally came up with a solution that worked for both of them. By fighting each other for space, neither of them would get what they wanted (sleeping on the chair...or actually getting things done on the Hill). But by compromising (spooning, or reaching across party lines), they found an answer they were both happy with.*

So if my kitties could do it, then I'm sure our congressman and our vp and presidential candidates can do it too!

*I know. Politics is much more complicated. If only getting people to work together were that simple...


Lexiloo said...

maybe rather then a third debate, mccain and obama should spoon for an hour ot two?

anOCgirl said...

OMG, i would pay to see that! however, considering mccain probably doesn't want to touch obama, that might not be very effective.

still, i think congress should have a hugging party. hugs are great!

Zipcode said...

omg lexi is cracking me up - yeah I would love to see those asshats on the hill hug each other hahahahaha.

Daniel said...

Congress should hug each other.... Through their actions they managed to do the impossible (by everyone's standard).... they managed to achieve a lower approval rating than Bush.

anOCgirl said...

zip: well, hugging is one strategy they haven't tried yet...

daniel: really? lower than bush? b/c i thought bush's rating was seriously low.

regardless, hugging is an excellent way to express empathy.

Zipcode said...

oh lord shall we get in a circle and sing camp fire songs? hehe I am being silly.

Spaghetti Cat is the best choice obviously

anOCgirl said...

zip: that's another thing congress hasn't tried. although the singing in unison might be a bit much.

also, i don't know about spaghetti cat. after nermal's experience with the press, i can't say i'm confident in his decision to name her as his running mate.

everyone: i apologize for the spelling mistakes (when did i get so sloppy?). if i wasn't at work, i'd correct them.

Lexiloo said...

maybe a snap cup, a la legally blonde 2, should be introduced? in addition to the spoontime and hugs, of course!

Anonymous said...

I love your kitties!

King of New York Hacks said...

if a black cat walks by me on a blog is that bad luck?

anOCgirl said...

lexiloo: yes! a snapcup would do too!

instatick: thanks!

king: ha! my black cat crosses my path every day and i'm going alright for myself. i think you'll be ok too!