Friday, October 31, 2008

fun, frisky felines: happy halloween!

Last week, I was shopping at PetMac for the babies when I came across halloween costumes. Of course I just had to dress up my kitties!

They had three options left: a princess, a devil, and a witch. While Gracie would certainly qualify for all three, I didn't think Nicky fit any of them at all. First off, he can't be a witch or a princess because he's a boy. Second, I refuse to dress him up as a devil because he is the most well-behaved kitty ever (also, I'm trying to dispel the myth that black kitties are evil). Unfortunately, Nicky did not get a costume. Still, considering he is an all-black kitty, I think he can go as himself for Halloween and still fit in.

Here is Gracie looking very unhappy with me in her costume (I decided on the Witch):
gracie the witch

gracie the witch

gracie the witch

witchin' gracie

And here's my favorite black kitty (and yours hopefully), Nicky, just being himself
upside down nicky

How can a kitty this sweet be considered bad luck?

From my family to yours, I hope you all have a bewitchin' halloween!
me and jesse
(that's Jesse and me from Zipcode's Halloween Party last week)

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instatick said...

I love your cat(s). Black cats, since I had one that I LOVED so much when I was younger, will always have a special place in my heart. Also, you and Jesse look SO happy and hilarious. I love it!