Monday, November 24, 2008

college football recap: if only we'd move up in every bye week

It was kind of a big weekend in college football even if USC didn't play. The funny thing is, despite this break in play, USC moved up one spot in the latest BCS rankings. According to some people who live and breathe this stuff, USC has a 30% chance of playing in the BCS. Of course, we've got to beat Notre Lame and the bRuins (and the stars have to align perfectly too). Normally, I'd add some snarky little remark about how easy it should be to beat the Irish and fUCLA this year, but I've learned not to underestimate our opponent (see Stanford in 2007, Oregon State in 2006, 2008).

On to the good stuff...

  • Thank you, Oklahoma. The #5 Sooners pounded on the Red Raiders of Texas Tech, 65-21, essentially murking up the BCS pool even more. I'm all for more added confusion because the more confusion there is, the greater the argument for a playoff is. And I want a playoff, darn it! And our future president does too! Make it happen, NCAA.

  • In Happy Valley, everything's coming up roses. #8 Penn State killed #15 Michigan State to earn a trip to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl. Let the JoePa retirement rumors begin. Actually, I kinda like the guy. I've never heard a bad thing about him and he's clearly a good coach. I say, let him stay for as long as God wants him to coach. And if USC makes it to the Rose Bowl, I think it would make for a great match up. I doubt Nittany Lion fans are looking forward to playing the Beavs of Oregon State.

  • In a game that made me oh-so-very-happy, the Tiger cubs of LSU got steam rolled by Ole Miss. Yes, you heard that right. Ole Miss beat LSU, 31-13. The best part was that this loss was in front of a home crowd in Baton Rouge. Like Nelson from The Simpons would say, "HA HA."

  • OREGON STATE WATCH: In a game that made me oh-so-very-IRRITATED, Arizona couldn't seal the deal against Oregon State, allowing for a last second field goal that lifted the Beavs over the Wildcats, 19-17. Ugh. It's all up to Oregon now. And you bet I'll be watching the Civil War game with much interest this year.

  • Virginia Tech, on the other hand, beat Duke as expected, 14-3. What wasn't expected was the fact that my man Tyrod Taylor had a really bad game, throwing 2 picks and going 2-for-5 in passing attempts. Thankfully, Duke isn't exactly a tough opponent and the Hokies made due with Sean Glennon as QB. And thanks to the parity in the ACC, Virginia Tech can clinch the ACC Coastal Division title with a win over rival UVa this weekend.

Up next for the Hokies is UVa. USC hosts Notre Lame.

Also, tomorrow's post is the annual Thanksgiving Day list so you don't wanna miss that!

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