Friday, November 21, 2008

fun, frisky felines: oh the lovely, lazy life of a kitty...

I'm still sick and now I'm stressed about work stuff and the fact that I'm sick certainly doesn't help. But enough about me. This post is about the furbabies. And whenever I'm stressed (ok, let's just talk about me for another second), I envy my sleepy, lazy kitties. They have the perfect life.

And I so wish I was home right now, curled up in bed next to my kitties.

Except Gracie. She prefers to sleep in the strangest places.

Here she is on her first day. She was so stressed with the bathing and the traveling and meeting Nicky that she just passed out on the couch (pillow):
night, night, gracie
This is her first picture and probably one of my faves.

Here she is in my tote bag. I'm not sure why she would think the tote bag would be comfortable, seeing as that things like my keys and wallet were in there, but she made it work:
moved the bag, yet gracie stays

And then she discovered the basket. Jesse nailed two baskets above a book shelf in order to organize our mail. Mine is always full because I get so much junk and magazines. On the other hand, Jesse's on top of his mail so it is usually empty. And the basket just so happens to be the perfect size for Gracie.
just give me a sec to get comfy

i like it up here

looking down on the adoring masses

During the summer months, Gracie preferred the cool porcelain surface of the bathroom sink.
in sink gracie

Every once in a while, Gracie will nap on the bed. I think she likes it better when Jesse and I are sleeping in it. Here she is, getting woken up from a nap:
can't. wake. up

Gracie's been known to nap on the couch occasionally. Usually she's in some crazy, twisted sprawled out position like so:
gracie's many sleeping positions
Here she is in the same nap a few minutes later:
this is comfortable?
And even later:
And later:
gracie's many sleeping positions

Damn.  She is one lazy kitty.  She really does have the perfect life.

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instatick said...

I do find it amazing how animals seem to get comfortable in some of the oddest positions. Sadie has taken to sleeping upside down, with her paws sticking straight up in the air and her mouth hanging open. It's adorable.