Tuesday, November 25, 2008

an OC girl tradition: the thanksgiving day list

Wow. What a year 2008 has been, huh? I know it's not over and all, but (like every year) I'm using Thanksgiving as an opportunity to look back and reflect upon all that the year has brought so far and all the great stuff I'm looking forward to in 2009.

Without much ado or rational order, here is this year's list of 25 things I am grateful for...

  • My family and friends being alive and well in 2008

  • In a word--Obama. More specifically--being inspired to donate and volunteer in a political campaign which, for the first time ever, felt very personal to me. And the experience was one that I will not soon forget.

  • The American electorate (specifically those who voted in the BLUE STATE of Virginia--OMG...I said 'Blue State' and "Virginia' in the same sentence!!) for not letting me down.

  • My mom and sis visiting me in DC this year and meeting my DC family

  • Having the greatest job in the world and knowing how lucky I am to do what I do.

  • Getting a huge government grant to do the work that I do for the next FIVE years!

  • No Doubt going on tour in 2009!!!!

  • My soon-to-be-4-year-old niece Serena, who is growing quickly into her own little person

  • The Daily Show, an equal opportunity mocker and my source for unbiased news

  • The blog for being the cheapest form of therapy and for cool blog peeps I get to meet

  • Annie, Smarticus, and this blogger for challenging me to think about things from a different perspective

  • Having a roof over my head and food to eat

  • Gary, my hair stylist, for putting up with my bipolar hair disorder this year (let's keep it long. NO, let's cut it all off. NO, maybe I want it long...) and somehow figuring out exactly what I want

  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta for proving that you can be more shallow than the Real Housewives of Orange County

  • The USC Trojan defense, without whom the team might just be average instead of AWESOME!

  • My girl crush, Rachel Maddow, for being the smart feminist among male political pundits (and for coming up with my new favorite word--Lameduckitude)

  • Purging my life of toxic friends and apreciating the friends who know what friendship is about

  • Heidi, the greatest dog in the world, who lived long enough for me to come home and say goodbye

  • America's Next Top Model marathons on MTV

  • Kattie, Shell, and Aditi who continue to be my closest friends despite the large distance between us

  • Coach and all the wonderful things they make, economy be damned!

  • My sister, who paid for one of my trips home this year

  • Gracie, for being the special diva princess alpha kitty that she is and loving her mommy and daddy in her own totally Gracie way

  • Nicky, who is by far the BEST kitty in the universe and is nearly as good a cuddler as Jesse

  • Jesse, who puts up with my crap every day yet still loves me...who never complains about having to clean out the litter box (I don't do poop), who lets me watch chick flicks even if the Redskins are playing, who caught liberal rage disease from me this year despite being the calmest person I know, and who is the best kitty daddy/lover/friend I could ask for

There are many things and people who are not on this list that I am thankful for. Please take the time to think about what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving and every day. And don't forget to tell the people you love  that you love them. If you tell them, I promise it will make their day!


J Fitty said...

You forgot to list Sean Glennon.

Generation Next said...

That was nice. I'm going to use your list as some of my inspiration for my own annual list.

anOCgirl said...

j fitty: good point. but i'm pretty sure he made tyrod taylor's list.

generation next: thanks! it took me three days to come up with this list and it was a fun project to do. i highly recommend it!

Juliet said...

Aw, thank you! I need to do my own list too. If it were just my husband and daughter that would be more than enough to be grateful for, but there is so much on top of that.

Anonymous said...

This was great :) I need to get started on my own list because WOW - 2008 is just plain awesome. Also, I think I'm going to refer to Jesse as you kitty daddy from now on because it makes me smile.

Zandria said...

That's a great list! Yay for having so many things to be thankful for! :)


anOCgirl said...

juliet: yes i love our little debates!

instatick: yes, 2008 has totally rocked so far (well, except the economy). as for jesse's new nickname, heck, i might even start calling him that in every day conversation.

zandria: thanks! u should totally do your own!

to all: happy turkey day!