Monday, December 8, 2008

college football recap: "let's go bowling!" edition

So yeah, there were some games this weekend. Notably, an SEC, an ACC and a Big 12 championship. Maybe even a Big East championship. And of course, my awesome Trojans battled the fUCLA Bruins. But the most important college football news to come out of this weekend was the announcement of the bowl schedule.

Before I go to that, you should know that:

  • Florida beat Alabama in a close-game-until-the-end. Poor Crimson Tide. They were ranked #1 going into this game but were still the underdogs. Clearly Vegas knew something the pollsters didn't.

  • The Virginia Tech Hokies bested the Eagles of Boston College, 30-12, earning the 4-loss Hokies a trip to the Orange Bowl yet again. It was a topsy-turvy season in the ACC and I'm glad the better team won the conference.

  • Oklahoma pounded on poor Mizzou to win the Big 12, 62-21. Shocker. *yawn*

  • USC traveled the short distance to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and showed the fUCLA Bruins just who owns L.A...and the Rose Bowl for that matter. The score was 28-7, but seeing as that the Trojan kicker missed 3 field goals and the only Bruin score was the result of USC fumbling on the USC 20 to start the game, then it's safe to assume the score could've been worse.  Also, it kinda makes this LA Times ad irrelevant:
source: LA Times

Ok, let's go bowling:

The Eagle Bank Bowl: Wake Forest vs. Navy. Decent match up for DC's first bowl, actually. Also, this bowl kicks off bowl season. And Navy killed Army this weekend so they earned the trip.

The Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs. Notre Lame. Seriously, the Irish got into a bowl? Aren't they 6-6? I can't wait for the Rainbows to kick some Irish butt. Hawaii nearly gave #13 Cincinnati a scare this weekend. When was the last time someone was afraid to play Notre Dame? In a bowl game?

The Holiday Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Oregon. Actually, I'm kinda looking forward to this match up. Big 12 vs. Pac-10. Oregon showed some signs of life, knocking rival Oregon State out of Rose Bowl contention (thanks, Oregon) and winning this year's Civil War so I'm pulling for the Ducks.

The Peach Bowl (screw you, Chik-Fil-A): LSU vs. Georgia Tech. How the mighty have fallen. I'm sorry, but I feel nothing for the Tigers. Go Yellow Jackets!

Orange Bowl: Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech. A team with one loss faces a team with 4 losses. I'm sure the Hokies are looking to avenge last year's Orange Bowl loss to Kansas. It's Cincy's offense vs. Tech's defense. If Tech's defense is on point and QB Tyrod Taylor stays injury free (knock on wood), then I think the Hokies have a good shot.

Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs. Ohio State. This match up sucks. Everyone knows that Texas is going to win. The Longhorns beat Oklahoma but the Sooners get to go to the big dance? Whatever. And I don't even like Texas!

Rose Bowl: Penn State vs. USC. This is a great match up and makes up for last year's match up of USC/Illinois. Yeah, Illinois. Remember that? Oh yeah, you probably didn't watch it. Anyways, despite the fact that we've gone to the Rose Bowl for the last 4 years, I'm really excited about this match up. It should be an awesome game.

BCS Championship: Oklahoma vs. Florida. When was the last time the Sooners won in a BCS bowl? 2000? Yeah, Florida for the win in another boring BCS championship.

Up next for the Hokies is an Orange Bowl game on January 1st. The Trojans play the Penn State Nittany Lions on January 1st in our second home, the Rose Bowl (yeah, I'm claiming it, k?).

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