Monday, January 12, 2009

damn it! but i wanted to get married in a taco bell!

So did you guys hear about the couple that got married in a Taco Bell because they like spending time there?

No? Where have you been?


Apparently, Caragh Brooks, 21, and Paul Brooks, 30 (no relation, I hope), got married in a Taco Bell in Normal, Illinois (I swear, this stuff just writes itself). They met online and, after talking for 9 months, Caragh moved to the U.S. to be with Paul.

Paul had this to say about their relationship: "We have the same brain, just in two bodies. We think alike in virtually every manner. We have the same interests, viewpoints." About the choice of wedding venue, Paul said, "It's appropriate. It's an offbeat relationship."

I don't know if I'm hormonal or what, but that's actually kinda sweet. Considering the crazy-ass wedding industrial complex, I like the idea of a stripped down ceremony where two people, surrounded by family and friends, commit to each other in their favorite place. If that favorite place happens to be Taco Bell, well, then so be it.

Moreover, the couple's wedding didn't break the bank. The total cost was $200 and I'm assuming the food for the reception was straight off the Value Menu. Seeing as that the economy is what it is, a $200 wedding at Taco Bell just might be a trend-starter.

Not that I will be continuing that trend (when the time comes). Taco Bell and my stomach don't exactly get along if you know what I mean.

I wonder if this guy was the officiant...

Source: MSNBC


Bilbo said...

Forget Taco Bell. For the real, top-of-the-line fast-food wedding experience, Five Guys is the way to go. The peanut shells on the floor add just the right aura of casual decadence.

Mme.Meow said...

K wait... so... *bated breath*...?