Friday, January 9, 2009

fun, frisky felines: silly kitties and their favorite things

Nicky LOVES scratching posts. This is obviously a good thing because this means he won't scratch the furniture. A while back, before I got the babies their big scratching post, I had previously bought them something smaller which had a toy attached.

Isn't that a cute kitty?

Anyways, Nicky grew up and got too big for this post and he eventually broke it with his vigorous scratching. I threw the base away, but kept the post b/c Nicky continued to scratch on it despite the fact that I purchased a bigger, better post which he also uses. And he loves that thing so I really don't think I will be throwing it away even if it is an eye sore.

Here he is laying next to it and being upside down and silly
nicky being silly

Here he is scratching
MY scratching post!

And here he is scratching from a different angle...notice the missing toy that had been attached to the post
scratch, scratch, scratch

And here is scratching again...notice how the newer scratching post is right next to him.
doing a little scratchin'

Silly Nicky!


When I asked Jesse for "something fuzzy or something shiny" for my birthday this year (code for another kitty or an engagement ring), I got a stuffed animal kitty and a shiny Coach purse and scarf. I named the stuffy Bobby (after birthday was shortly before the elections so be grateful I didn't call him Barry) and soon realized that Gracie had a love/hate thing for Bobby. Sometimes she lays right next to him, all calm and cuddly. And other times, she wants to rip his head off.

Here she is cuddling with Bobby
we're just hugging!

Here she is not letting me take Bobby from her
MY toy!

Here's more cuddling
maybe not the best angle for a photo
As you can see, Gracie gained a little weight over the holidays (don't we all?).

Here she is, about to attack him with the double kick of her hind legs
bobby is mine!

And finally, here she is, trying to choke Bobby and bite his booty simultaneously.
i'll never let you go

I'm afraid she might be a Republican.


Zipcode said...

thats because her aunt zip watched her over the holidays and we talked politics - like i said we bonded....hehehe i overfed them i sorry

anOCgirl said...

honestly, i assumed she gained weight b/c she was eating nicky's food while you weren't looking. but no worries. she's on a strict no treat diet. and i make her chase the laser pointer every night for exercise.

instatick said...

My apartment is littered with little parts from dog toys that Sadie has murdered that I'm too nice to throw away. She likes the toys even after she murders them - I can't take them from her!