Friday, January 30, 2009

fun, frisky felines: happy adoption day, nicky!

January, 27, 2008

It may have been a chilly day in January, but all I needed was the doe-eyed look on Nicky's precious face to warm my heart.

After many months of constant pestering about adopting a kitty, Jesse finally gave in to my whims and we walked into the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. We had no idea then that we were meant to walk out of there with my our first furbaby--Dominick.

After catching my eye in his cage, we took him out for a little meet and greet. He won us over with his playfulness and constant desire to be petted (with a paw here and a head-butt there and always a little hand-nudge).

Oh yeah, and those wide, bright eyes that just beg for attention.

*sigh* It's been a lovely year. And now, a retrospective...

Nicky's file photo from AWLA (yup, this is pretty much the little face we saw looking back at us from inside the cage)
you lookin' at me?

Nicky's favorite hiding spot
kitty peek-a-boo

Nicky's favorite nap spot--the bed
sleepy time

Getting a treat from daddy after his first bath
kitty gets a treat from daddy

Nicky and my KittyDaddy
my two favorite boys

Nicky and one of his favorite toys

Nicky getting the carrier ready for his new sis, Gracie
nicky in his carrier

Nicky and Gracie finally getting along (TRUST, it took a long time to get to this point)
caught red-handed

Nicky with his favorite scratcher (and that trademark kitty-caught-in-the-headlights look)
the new scratcher is how big?

Nicky and his favorite position--belly up!

Nicky helping his mommy and daddy get ready for the USC/UVa game
nicky and the pompom

Nicky's first Christmas with the family
is that santa claws i hear?

Nicky and I having a little chat

Happy Adoption Day, Nicky! I hope we have many more years of purrs, meows, nips, and head butts.

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Lexiloo said...

Can you please come over and pester Steve, because I really want a puppy. I've been trying to hard, but maybe you're more persuasive then I am!