Wednesday, January 14, 2009

inauguration: should i stay or should i go?

Like the typical Libra that I am, I'm totally undecided about the inauguration. It's not like I have tickets or anything. But I have this strong desire to go there and just soak in the history-making.

Even if I can't see the jumbotron.

Because I can't decide (and Jesse's been no help with his "Let's just do whatever you want"), I made a pro/con list which I will share with you because I'm still undecided (damn that Libra-ness!).


  • Being a witness to history! Duh.
  • Probably owe it to my future (biracial) children to be a witness
  • Because this was the first time I actually helped someone get elected by donating money and by volunteering my time
  • Want to experience Obama euphoria (def.--the feeling of extreme happiness when surrounded by Obama supporters/volunteers while volunteering for the campaign)
  • Because seriously, when am I going to be this excited over an inauguration again?
  • Secret Service is closing off the bridges from VA so I feel the need to represent the state I voted in because the Secret Service is obviously trying to limit the number of Virginians (insert eye roll here)
  • Lots of my friends will be there
  • Since lots of my friends will be there, if I don't go, I will be jealous of them if they come back with good stories of the experience.
  • Don't feel comfortable being jealous of my friends because I heart them.

  • I will need to get up REALLY early if I want to stand a shot of seeing it from the same side of the Potomac
  • It might will be cold
  • It might be so cold I need a blanket in addition to several layers of clothing, my puffy down jacket, and my snow boots (which I will wear not for snow but for warmth)
  • Secret Service is not allowing big bags so how am I going to bring in a blanket?
  • Gasp! I will have to buy longjohns for the first time in my life
  • Metro will be one HOT MESS on Tuesday
  • No port-o-potties so bladder control and lack of bowel movement for approx. 12 hours is a MUST.
  • Could easily watch it from home on the TV while in a warm bed snuggling with Jesse and the kitties.

So...what do you think blog peeps? Knowing how much I supported Obama during the election and the fact that I'm from Cali which means I'm allergic to the cold, what would you do?


michelle said...

i also want to go REALLY bad.... but I know I will see more if i watch on TV.

Maybe there is somewhere in VA that is having a viewing party?

knowing WMATA... all its going to take is one sick passenger or broken down train for all HELL to break loose...

so i will be staying in my cozy home...cheering loud enough to annoy my neighbors :D

Lexiloo said...

I will not be there. I'm leaving town all together! I'm flying home to NH Friday night and will be back late Tuesday night. Yes, I realize the significance and all, but I have no desire to deal with all of the redonkulousness that will be going on!

Generation Next said...

That is tricky. I would love to be there for it all, but I know myself and know that I detest both crowds and the cold and I can't hold my bladder that long. I'm not even from CA, but from DE/MD and I can't stand the cold either.

I'm mad I'm going to be at work and therefore not seeing it live and it's a very busy time with students at my job so we can't all just sit at our computers and watch online.

Bilbo said...

Events like this are why a merciful God gave us fireplaces, televisions, blankets, and popcorn. Who are we to ignore His (Her?) generosity?

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of going to a viewing party. All your cons are very, very big cons. You won't be able to feel your fingers, your toes, your ears or your nose after about an hour in the VERY COLD - then you add 11 or so hours onto that and it's just misery. That said, I might just be grumpy because I have to work this crazy thing which may or may not result in my feet falling off from the cold :)