Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OH. EM. GEE. best inauguration ever!

After debating for many days whether or not I would be willing to brave the cold and crowds on inauguration day, I decided to let the following pros from this list win me over:

  • Want to experience Obama euphoria again (Obama euphoria def.--the feeling of extreme happiness when surrounded by Obama supporters/volunteers while volunteering for the campaign)
  • Because seriously, when am I going to be this excited over an inauguration again?
So, as expected, Metro effed up big time. Using their special inauguration guide, we decided that it would be best to avoid Metro Rail and take the special Metro bus (16B) down Columbia Pike into the mall. According to the guide, this was the special bus line to take. We boarded said bus (which even had a sign outside the bus proclaiming "take this bus to the inauguration!") and when it arrived at Pentagon Metro Station, we were instructed to get off the bus because it was not going to the mall. Ummm...that's not what the Metro guide said. I thought we were doing the right thing by avoiding Metro rail, but instead we were forced to take it. A sternly worded email to Metro is forthcoming.

Metro rail was such a mess that we had to take the Blue line in the opposite direction, all the way to Franconia (that's the last stop of the line for you Cali peeps) just to insure that we could get on the train in the right direction (towards Largo). Over two hours after our journey began, we found ourselves walking to the mall from Foggy Bottom station and found a nice spot between the Washington Monument and the White House to watch the festivities on the jumbotron.

After I booed at the many times Bush came into view and after I cheered at every Billary sighting and after I cried during the swearing in of both Joe Biden and Barack Obama AND after I cheered and cried during the inaugural address, we headed home via the Memorial Bridge. But not before we saw the Shrub one last time.

In giant effigy form.
W effigy

W monument

Reminiscent of this statue:
image via

That would be Saddam Hussein if you recall.

And this would be the toppling of the Hussein statue.
image via

And in true regime toppling fashion, the Bush statue had to come down too.
toppling the bush regime

It's the end of an error! Ding, dong, the Bush era--and its constitution-snubbing, human-rights-violating, world-enraging policies--is dead!

And these Obama supporters couldn't be more grateful!
happy obama supporters


Bilbo said...

Glad you had a good time. For my part, God gave us TV sets, fireplaces, and popcorn so we could enjoy January inaugurations in comfort. Hope you've thawed out. And thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday. I've taken the liberty of quoting you today.

michelle said...

awesome that you went! thanks for sharing the "toppling bush" photos... what a fitting end!

okathleen said...

I thought Mrs BO's outfit matched the new Oval Office curtains...