Tuesday, February 3, 2009

just in case you didn't already know a lot about me...

The blogosphere has been full of all sorts of memes lately and I'm a sucker for a meme. This time it's a 5 question interview with another blogger (in this case Zipcode). If you want to play, feel free to email me or leave a comment. I'd be happy to interview my blog peeps (or be interviewed).

Here are Zipcode's 5:

1. I admire your passion for politics, was there anyone who influenced you to have the views you have now?

I don't have a short answer to this one (so you've been warned). It wasn't someone. It was something. And that something was the Patients' Bill of Rights Act of 1999. I was an intern in DC at the time and came to the city knowing very little about politics and I hadn't really picked a side yet. Because my boss was quite the AIDS activist, I joined him for all of his activist work, including a rally on Capitol Hill to urge the Senate to pass the Act and lots of closed door meetings with various Senators who were pushing for the Act to pass. Essentially, I was pretty disgusted with the GOP's negative attitude towards the bill which would give patients more power in deciding their own health care rather than acquiescing to the will of their HMO. It wasn't until I realized the role of special interests in politics that I began to understand why the GOP would want to protect HMOs (and the whole concept of HMOs is a GOP idea; Nixon has been credited with the it). So yes, I understand that special interests affect both parties, but I couldn't care less about what's best for HMOs (and frankly, neither would their constituents). That was pretty much the first time I thought to myself, I guess this makes me a Democrat.

2. I also admire your passion for HIV Research and Awareness, what made you decide to get into this?

Again, this also goes back to my time as a DC intern. I interned for the National Association of People with AIDS and worked alongside a kickass AIDS activist (at the time, I had no idea he was well known and would rather not mention him on this blog so he wouldn't be embarrassed). He had such a passion for the cause and worked hard to push for funding for education and prevention. He was HIV+ and, everyday, I could see how sick his meds sometimes made him but that never stopped him from fighting the fight. He inspired me to do what I do. He's the reason why I decided to pursue public health rather than medicine as a career (I was pre-med before my internship and not pre-med when I came back). It's not a stretch to say that my internship in DC changed my life in many ways.

3. What is your favorite memory of your days at USC?

Oooh...I have tons of favorite memories, but my all time favorites come from game days during football season. Yeah, the team sucked when I was a student but the school has so many neat traditions (kick the poles! walk with the band!) and obviously a strong infectious spirit that we even recruit non-alums into the family (ie Jesse and Zipcode). Every home game, my friends and I would pre-party before the game and then meet up with other friends in the student section. We'd hug/high-five for every touchdown back then (TD's weren't as common an occurrence then as they are now) and we'd sing with the band every time they played the UCLA sucks song (which is played at every game regardless of whether UCLA is there or not). It was loads of fun back then. While I still try to go to one home game a year, it's not as fun now that I've graduated. The student section rocked!

4. What brought you to Washington, DC?

I came here to pursue a masters in public health at GWU and I stayed for two reasons: ONE, this is THE place to do HIV/AIDS work and, TWO, I met Jesse.

5. Can I have Nicki and Gracie? Just kidding - Do you plan on anymore furbabies in the near future?

No, you can't have my furbabies! I would love to have more furbabies, but Jesse isn't really too keen on the idea. On the weekends, I can't help but watch Animal Cops and Animal Precinct on Animal Planet and it breaks my heart to see all of these neglected or abused animals. Thankfully, they get rescued and treated and then become available for adoption. Not to presume that Nicky and Gracie had a cushy life before we adopted them, but I would really like to adopt a kitty that typical adopters would overlook--probably an older cat who wouldn't mind being spoiled in the later years of life or another black cat. I think it's strange how people don't adopt black kitties because Nicky is probably the sweetest kitty ever.  But adopting another one is something that Jesse and I must agree to together.  However...if a stray kitty just happened to cross my path one day looking all homeless, then I would totally take it home!


Zipcode said...

awww good answers -- feel free to interview me hehehe

I love black kitties.

Lexiloo said...

Oooh, I'll play!

Zandria said...

A friend of mine from high school went to USC, so I can totally relate to the football thing. I've seen her and her roommate do some kind of USC-themed dance...crazy!!