Monday, February 9, 2009

so what if my valentine's date is hairy and likes to lick my face?

You all probably know by now that Valentine's Day is this Saturday. If not, where have you been? All I have to do is go to my email inbox to be reminded. Every other email is a promotion for flowers (dozen red roses for 29.99 and a FREE VASE! woo hoo) or jewelry (et tu, Tiffany?) or chocolates (no V-day is complete without a box of them!). Not to mention the uptake in commercials from Kay and Jared Jewelers.  ARGH!

I'm annoyed and I've been in a relationship for the past 4 V-days (soon-to-be 5).

The fact is that V-day is a holiday for commercial purposes only. If you need a holiday for your boo to show you how much he/she loves you and/or wants to get in your pants, then you may need to check yourself. Your SO shouldn't need a holiday for this, but rather, should be showing you every day (and if he/she gets in your pants every day then BONUS for you!).

Perhaps you're wondering where this crankiness came from (and if you're not, then you know me very well). Well, for the past month, every time I log into my AOL email (shut up! yes, I still have an AOL email and it's my first email account ever and I will be keeping it until I die or AOL dies, whichever comes first) I am greeted by this:

I'm sure it's an ad for a dating website (there's some stuff below the image I couldn't capture). I haven't clicked because I refuse to contribute to the increased traffic to that site. However, what's wrong with having your cat as your Valentine's date? Cats are loving and affectionate. Yeah, they don't buy you flowers, but flowers die any way. A kitty's love is furever! If I were single, I would prefer to stay at home with my cats rather than go on some random blind date from a guy on a website who lied in his profile just so I wouldn't be 'alone' on Valentine's Day. Bad move, anonymous dating website!

However, I also hate the implication that cat people are single. Are crazy dog people assumed to be single? Oh wait. There are no crazy dog people. It's just people who own cats in multiples that are crazy. I'm a crazy cat lady and I have a partner! How's that for debunking stereotypes? Take THAT, anonymous dating website!

Ummm...speaking of crazy cat ladies, is that kitty in the picture adoptable? He's pretty cute.  I'll be less angry at the anonymous dating website if I can just have the kitty.


Zipcode said...

I am having an anti man party on Saturday heheheh actually a dinner party

Bilbo said...

Well, as crazy cat ladies go, you're one of my favorites. And since I'm a dog person, a man, and married, I guess I'll just give up on Zipcode...

Zipcode said...

haha bilbo

Nermal wants to know if Nicki will be her valentine?

anOCgirl said...

zipcode: yes, i know. for singles only. :(

bilbo: thanks, bilbo! i'm honored to have made it to your elite circle of favorite cat ladies!

zip: i'm sure nicky would love that as long as treats are involved :)

Zandria said...

This is AWESOME. I love that you stick up for the single ladies and get annoyed at that stupid ad. :)

Anonymous said...

V-Day is outawed in my house. I've forbidden my hubs to purchase ANYTHING for me and likewise I won't purchase anything for him for this absolutely insane holiday. I just hate it. Always have. That said, on Feb. 15th, I might end up stocking up on cheap chocolate.

anOCgirl said...

zandria: i was single too once upon a time and i still remember how happy i was then (just to clarify, i'm happy with my partner too). single people are unfairly ostracized this time of year and it's just not right!

instatick: i love valentines for that and that alone: the after valentine's clearance!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you click on the ad and it says, "Then you are AWESOME and LUCKY!" Having spent friday evenings in the past both at home with the cat and out with a man who said he was 5 foot 6 and was actually under 5 foot four, I can definitely vouch for the cat. Thanks!!! --CC