Monday, March 23, 2009

excuse me, Ms. Palin? your hypocrisy is showing

I'm sure you've all heard by now about Obama's really bad slip up during his Jay Leno appearance last week (something along the lines of insinuating his awful bowling scores would qualify him for the Special Olympics). *Heavy Sigh*  Seriously, Obama knows better than that. Understandably, a public uproar ensued, with Conservative and Liberal pundits alike taking Obama to task for the offense.

Naturally, Sarah Palin had to put in her two cents. On Friday, a day after Obama's comment was heard, Palin commented,

“I was shocked to learn of the comment made by President Obama about Special Olympics, This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world.”

I believe that actions speak louder than words. Let's take a look at what Palin's done for the "world's most precious and unique people."

  • In 2008, Ms. Palin vetoed $275,000 in Special Olympics Alaska funds. Source (from the AK gov't)
  • Palin has decided to join the other GOP governors in rejected some of the stimulus money. Among the funding she has decided her state doesn't need: $170 million for education, including money that would go for programs to help economically disadvantaged and special needs students.  Source
  • While there is certainly a national dearth of special education teachers, Alaska is particularly hard hit. They are having a difficult time keeping their special education teachers and enrollment in training programs in special education has fallen over the last few years.  Source (from the Alaska DOE)
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  • Ms. Palin belongs to the party that brought us No Child Left Behind. In regards to NCLB and special education, students with learning disabilities are expected to read, do math, and understand science at the same grade-level proficiency as non-learning disabled students no later than 2014. That's because the NCLB's expectations of special ed students is the same as those without learning disabilities. And that makes sense because...?  Source (from Washington State study)

As a huge supporter of creationism, Palin knows the Bible well, right? Isn't it in John 8:7 where we find this passage--"let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"?

Ms. Palin, you are in NO position to be casting stones.

For the neocons who are wondering what Obama has done, last month he doubled funding for IDEA 


Anonymous said...

I thought she had her 15 minutes and I'm really irritated with the fact that she keeps popping up all over the place doing and saying silly thing.

NCLB is one of the most ridiculous programs out there. I could go on and on about it, about how it doesn't really help anyone, but I won't. :)

anOCgirl said...

instatick: actually, i'm all for more palin exposure. she says something ridiculous every time so there should be plenty of fodder if she decides to run for president in 2012. keep looking stupid, palin! :)

NCLB. another one of the bush administration's piece of sh*t legislation. you should totally go on and on about it on your blog! i'm sure i'll agree with everything you say. my sister is a teacher back in the OC and not only is schwarzenegger screwing her over, but bush is too via NCLB.