Friday, March 20, 2009

fun, frisky felines: "the bf's back and you're gonna be in trouble"

Jesse's been gone all week and, frankly, the week has been pretty difficult, emotionally (can you believe I didn't blog about it until now?). It has been a while since he last travelled for work and I was so used to having him around all the time. And then he just leaves know me and my separation anxiety.

Nicky, who also suffers from anxiety (no really, he does. I have the kitty prozac prescription to prove it), apparently picked up on mine and was a total scaredy cat this week. There has been a lot of remodeling going on in my building this week, which triggered the fire alarm our second night without Jesse. While Gracie happily waited to be placed in her carrier for the evacuation, Nicky REFUSED to come out from under the bed and gave me a panic attack.

I never left the condo that night. Lucky for us, there wasn't a fire.

Still, Nicky and I coped together. Nicky slept on Jesse's half of the bed every day and when Nicky wasn't waking me up in the a.m. with his kisses, I would wake up and catch him resting his little head on Jesse's pillow. Even Gracie joined in on the bedtime bonding, which is rare. She likes to sleep in the bathroom sink.

Anyhoo...I can't wait for Jesse to come home so I can feel complete. *sigh*

OH WAIT! This blog post is supposed to be about kitties.

Here you go:
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

This is what will happen when I pick up Jesse from the airport today.

I wish you all a love-filled weekend!

Today's blog post title is brought to you by the song, My Boyfriend's Back by the Angels


LiLu said...

God, I love me a lolcat.

Glad your honey's home and giving you some love!

Zipcode said...

awww cute post -- poor nicky pie -- chloe is on kitty prozac now for her urination.....:-(

Anonymous said...

Poor little kitty. It's amazing how animals pick up on our emotions - SadieMutt does the same thing when one of us is gone.