Thursday, May 14, 2009

condom wallets: fashion do or don't?

I'm at this training this week and among all the things I'm being taught here, one of those is to give condoms to all clients at all times. Professionally, this is like straight from the Book of Duh. But the bigger question is how do you make condom use cool?

By having a condom wallet to carry your condoms, of course!

Here's one by Kenneth Cole via

Here's some faux patent and faux leathers ones from
Here's a vintage looking one from ebay (bidding ends June 10th!)

I'm ready to go ahead and order hundreds of these (not from any of the above sellers though) for my program. But I have several questions. Would guys use this? Would tough, macho-looking guys use this? What would women think if a guy pulled this out right before sex? Would they think, "Oh wow, he's being safe"? Or would they think it's lame?  Would women use these?  Or do most women assume it's the guy's responsibility to carry the condoms?

Blog peeps, I would love your opinion on this.

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Generation Next said...

I'm interested to see what people think too. While it's a clever marketing idea and I love purses of all kinds, I'm not sure it's really necessary. Men barely keep wallets, so I doubt they'd buy/keep/carry a whole separate pouch just for condoms.

The thing with fashion and trends that work is that they're very fickle, so it'd be hard to know if this idea would catch on. I feel like if you gave it to a client, it would seem like a good idea to them when they first received it, but it would end up sitting on a table or in their car somewhere unused.