Tuesday, June 16, 2009

no doubt concert review by certified orange county girl

My love for No Doubt started almost 15 years ago around the time this budding feminist first heard "Just a Girl."  Once "Don't Speak" was released, I was hooked for life.  So, naturally, I had to see thek coolest band to ever come out of Orange County when they came to town during their so-called reunion tour. 

The point of the tour was for the band to be inspired by the fans and incorporate this inspiration into their new album.  And the show was incredibly fan-centric.  In between songs, Gwen would speak to the crowd, regularly accepting presents and even bringing a fan on-stage for a hug and photo.  How that fan managed to remain conscious during the whole thing was beyond me. 

The set list was essentially a best-of recap and they rocked out to each song like it was 1996.  Gwen, not looking a day over 29, wasn't as animated as she was in past shows, although she did open "Just a Girl" with her trademark push-up set (she had been challenged by a fan, so I don't know if the push-ups were planned).  The 3-song encore was especially awesome because The Sounds and Paramore (the opening acts) joined No Doubt on-stage to sing their latest single, "Stand and Deliver."  It set the tone for the concert conclusion--an enthusiastic rendition of "Sunday Morning."

Like I said, I've seen No Doubt in concert a lot but I would have to say that this was the best show I've ever seen them do.  By the looks of the large gathering of adoring fans, I hope that the band found enough inspiration to put out the most awesome album ever.  I can't wait!

I took these videos at the concert.  The first one is Underneath it All and the second one is Just a Girl.  Turn down the sound on your computer and hit play (I was in the pit and close to a speaker when I recorded these so the sound isn't stellar).  Maybe you'll get a feel for the show by watching...



michelle said...

Awesome! Glad it was a good show :)

Miranda Sam said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm seeing them this Saturday and needed a sneak peek of what it's going to be like.

Like you, I've been a fan ever since 96. I can't imagine passing a bit of nostalgia that propels inspiration for their next album.