Friday, June 12, 2009

fun, frisky, felines: another online kitty shopping addicts anonymous meeting

"Ok, let's go ahead and start the meeting. It looks like Lizzie is back again. It's so good to see you again. Let's all give her a warm welcome. Lizzie, would you like to tell us about yourself."

"Um, hi. My name is Lizzie. I live in Arlington. I've been to one of these meetings before, a while ago. I adopted two adorable kitties, Dominick and Gracie, from rescues about a year and a half ago. And it was such a great experience that I totally want to do it again, but my boyfriend says no. So I've resorted to online shopping.

I've tried to stop shopping for kitties online. I really have! But there are so many kitties out there waiting for their forever homes. And I want to adopt them all! Now that kitten season is here, all of those older kitties are getting ignored and passed over for those baby kittens and it makes me sad. Since June is Adopt-a-Cat month*, I've been going to like nonstop. There are so many adorable furbabies looking for a home.

Like Giselle.

She's a precious little thing. Poor baby has a bit of a skin condition, but it's totally treatable. And her adoption fee is only $50! That's so cheap and it includes the cost of her spay and shots!

And there's Callie Sue.

She's reading the comics! How cute. Plus, she's a calico who happens to be very adaptive since she like other kitties and doggies.

Check out Bili.

I love this picture, right in the middle of her meow (actually, she kinds looks like Happy Cat). Her name means kitty in Urdu and Hindi so she's got a bit of international flavor. Plus she loves kids! Sounds like the perfect kitty for a family.

And look at Mary the Tortie.

There's something about kitties exposing their bellies that makes my heart flip. It's a sign of trust, you know. Looks like Mary is looking for a human to love and trust.

You know who gets a bad rap at shelters? Black kitties.

These are brother and sister twinsies--Flicker and Flame! I'm a proud owner of a black kitty and Dominick is the most loving, caring creature I've ever encountered and I've had lots of pets in my lifetime.

I'm not sure if I can ever get over this addiction. Even if I adopt another kitty, there will still be thousands more that need a home of their very own.

Maybe one day, people will responsibly spay and neuter their pets and there will not be any unwanted kitties in the world.

Until then...

My name is Lizzie and I am addicted to online kitty shopping."

*June really is Adopt-a-Cat month and lots of rescues are offering deals right now, like low adoption fees. Please consider opening up your heart and home to a homeless kitty. There really are so many this time of year.

All of the kitties featured in this post are available for adoption from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. By clicking on their highlighted names, you will be directed to a profile page that tells you all the info you need in order to adopt them. Homeward Trails holds a lot of adoption events throughout the year in both DC and Northern VA. For a calendar of adoption events, go here. Homeward Trails helped us adopt our little Gracie and it was the smoothest process ever.

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Lexilooo said...

If I were to adopt a cat, I'd get an orange or a grey cat. Also, I'd want him to be a chunky cat, not a skinny one. Ha, I am so weird.

(I still really want a corgi though)